Mass market consumer computers are made for personal usage at a home or office.  They are designed for light to medium use in a clean and calm environment.  Teguar Computers are not your run of the mill consumer computers that are dominated by mass markets.  Our industrial and medical computers are specially designed for what you need from a reliable computer.  This could include fanless computers in clean rooms, mining tunnels, on boats, in explosion prone zones, around sensitive medical electronic equipment,  integrated into  food processing lines, or outdoor on a ski slope.  Any place you need a ruggedized computer Teguar has one that will perform and, in some cases, we will custom manufacture an industrial computer with your needs in mind.  Many of our fanless computers are placed into larger electronic devices and are used as a Human Machine Interface. We have ruggedized computers that can withstand extreme temperatures, regular cleanings, explosions, are anti-bacterial and most importantly have the ability to run 24/7.  Take a look below to see how we can be the industrial or medical computer solution tailored to your environment.  Feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our account managers who will consistently walk with you from start to finish on any demanding computer solution.

Industrial Automation

Medical Fields

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