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Home Knowledge Center Automotive Industry Case Study: Enhancing Seat Stitching with Teguar Technology

Case Studies

Automotive Industry Case Study: Enhancing Seat Stitching with Teguar Technology


The automotive industry, known for its cutting-edge advancements and relentless pursuit of innovation, is always on the lookout for the next breakthrough to stay ahead of the competition. In this dynamic environment, Teguar, a company specializing in rugged computers, has stepped in to assist an automotive client facing a significant challenge. This automotive manufacturer required a computer system capable of interfacing with cameras to oversee automotive seat stitching. This case study elucidates how Teguar's technology facilitated significant advancements in stitching quality and operational efficiency. 

Problem Definition

The automotive manufacturer was faced with two challenges.  

  1. The existing stitching process for automotive seats lacked the precision required, leading to inconsistencies and reduced product quality. 
  1. The high labor costs associated with manual stitching processes were impacting the manufacturer's profitability. 

To address these issues, the manufacturer sought an automated solution that could harness the power of multiple cameras to meticulously map the variables of each unique seat as it progressed along the production line. 

Solution Development

The proposed solution involved the integration of advanced AI tools to optimize the stitching path for each seat, tailored to its specific characteristics. This included deploying several cameras to capture detailed images of each seat and utilizing an AI tool to analyze the captured data. The AI would then determine the optimal stitching path, customized for each seat based on its unique variables. 

This innovative approach required a high-performance computing platform capable of handling the intensive processing demands of AI algorithms and the high-resolution imagery from multiple cameras. 


The customer required an embedded computer with exceptional processing capabilities to efficiently run AI tools and manage large datasets generated by multiple cameras. Additionally, it needed to rapidly stitch images together and generate precise path drawings for the stitching process. The PC also had to be rugged enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the production line, ensuring consistent reliability and performance. 

TB-5745-MVS No Expansion Front

Teguar’s TB-5745 embedded PC emerged as the ideal solution. This high-performance computing device is designed to support advanced GPUs, such as the A4000, essential for AI computations. The machine has ample USB 3.0 ports and LAN ports for fast and reliable data transfer. 


The deployment of Teguar's TB-5745 yielded impressive results: 

  • Enhanced Quality: The AI-driven solution significantly improved the precision of the stitching process, resulting in higher quality automotive seats. 
  • Cost Reduction: Automation of the stitching process led to a notable decrease in labor costs, enhancing overall profitability for the manufacturer. 
  • Operational Efficiency: The TB-5745 enabled real-time processing in the production zone, eliminating the dependence on network bandwidth and ensuring seamless operations. 

Lessons Learned

From this case study, both Teguar and the customer gained valuable insights into the critical role of integrating AI and high-performance computing systems to enhance manufacturing processes. The collaboration demonstrated the significant benefits of automating complex tasks like seat stitching, which not only improved quality but also reduced costs. The importance of having rugged and reliable computing systems was emphasized, ensuring continuous operation in harsh production environments. 


Teguar's TB-5745 exemplifies the potential of industrial computing solutions in the automotive industry. By addressing critical challenges related to quality control and labor costs, Teguar's technology has empowered the manufacturer to achieve superior product quality and operational efficiency. This case study shows the importance of leveraging advanced computing technologies to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the automotive sector. 

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About the Authors:

Emily Vrettos, Teguar's Digital Marketing Coordinator, merges her creativity with marketing skills to craft engaging content. When she isn’t writing, she loves to read, cook lots of different cuisines, and travel home to her family in New England.