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Medical Tablet used for EMR

The days of record keeping on paper are quickly coming to an end. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, hospitals and healthcare clinics are now required to digitize their paper records. Teguar provides a full line of medical computers that are designed to handle electronic medical records (EMR).

A Teguar medical computer provides a stable platform for software needed to create and maintain medical records needed in healthcare environments. These records need to be readily accessible at the point of care, which include the patient’s bedside and the emergency room or operating room. In addition, a Teguar medical PC can be located in a laboratory or a radiological testing facility. Teguar medical computers can be mounted in various ways, to fit best into your healthcare environment. For mobility, our battery powered all-in-one PCs can be mounted onto your medical cart. Teguar medical PCs can also be mounted onto a wall, an ergonomic arm, or desktop stand.

All of Teguar’s medical computers have an anti-bacterial coating, and most have IP65 waterproof front bezels, making cleanings and wipe downs easy, and ensuring internal parts won’t be damaged by liquid hitting the front of the unit. All Teguar medical computers are also 60601-1 4th edition medically certified, so you can be sure they are safe for your patients and medical staff.

Features of EMR Computers:

  • Available with 24” displays, ideal for most EMR software, down to 8”
  • Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Intel Atom/Celeron CPU
  • 60601-1 4th Edition certified
  • 15KV Isolated I/O ports
  • TPM v2.0 and vPro™ Technology for information security
  • Anti-microbial housing
  • Projected capacitive or resistive touchscreen
  • IP65 rated front bezel
  • Fully enclosed, fanless design
  • Long-life, hot-swappable batteries for easy mobility