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Teguar Torture Test Video

Feb 14, 2022 by Matthew Nadolny

Video Transcript In your line of work, you can't afford computers that fail when they're sprayed down, baked, or otherwise abused. But how do we know that Teguar Computers can stand up to the test of time? We don't have years to show you that today. But what we can do is crank the intensity


Product Announcements

Teguar's TB-5745 Series: Uncover the Versatility of Box PCs

Jun 09, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar offers a full range of fanless and industrial box PCs for a wide range of applications. Teguar’s newest box PC, the Industrial Machine...


TB-5745 Blog Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Guide to Food and Beverage Production

Jun 05, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Food and beverage production is a dynamic and intricate process that requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to delivering products...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Definition of a Clean in Place System

Jun 02, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

In the world of industrial computing, cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance. Industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals,...


Product Announcements

Introducing the TMD-65: Redefining Medical Imaging and Visualization

Jun 01, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Introducing the TMD-65, Teguar’s newest Medical Display. With its state-of-the-art full HD display, the TMD-65 delivers stunning visuals with...


Medical Displays Blog Thumbnail

Product Announcements

Introducing the TA-4840: The Ultimate All-In-One PC for Your Business

May 23, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar is excited to present the Fanless All in One PC Series, a highly versatile computer series designed to revolutionize your business operations....


TA-4840 Blog Thumbnail


Revolutionizing Technology in Correctional Facilities: Explore Teguar's Cutting-Edge Solutions at the Corrections Technology Summit

May 18, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

If you are a corrections professional looking for the latest technology solutions to improve your operations, you should not miss the Corrections...


Product Announcements

Introducing the TMT-Q7C80-10S: The Durable and Reliable Medical Tablet for Healthcare Professionals

May 12, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Introducing the TMT-Q7C80-10S, the latest innovation in medical technology from Teguar. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, this...


TMT-Q7C80 Medical Tablet


Industrial Computers with Windows 11

May 05, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar, a company known for being on the cutting edge of the latest technology, boasts a wide range of computers with Windows 11 capabilities....


windows 11 blog

Product Announcements

Teguar Introduces TP-5610: A High-Performance Touchscreen Panel PC for Industrial Environments

Apr 24, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar’s Panel PCs are built for long-term operation in the most demanding work environments. The TP-5610, Teguar’s newest Panel PC follows...


tp-5610-bog thumbnail

Product Announcements

Sleek & Sealed: Teguar’s Newest Stainless Steel Waterproof Computer Is Perfect for Wet Environments

Mar 30, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

The TS-5945 Stainless Steel Computer is the latest in a long line of Teguar’s strong and reliable waterproof computers. This series is built...


TS-5945 Blog Thumbnail