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Teguar Torture Test Video

Feb 14, 2022 by Matthew Nadolny

Video Transcript In your line of work, you can't afford computers that fail when they're sprayed down, baked, or otherwise abused. But how do we know that Teguar Computers can stand up to the test of time? We don't have years to show you that today. But what we can do is crank the intensity


Product Announcements

Unveiling the TB-5945 Industrial PC by Teguar

Feb 16, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar's relentless commitment to advancement and quality is exemplified by the release of the TB-5945 Industrial PC, a powerful box PC engineered...


Product Announcements

Seamless Power, Streamlined Care: Introducing the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series

Feb 05, 2024 by Not Specified

Teguar is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Battery Powered Medical Computer Series – an innovative leap forward in healthcare technology...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Open Frame Panel PC - What is it?

Feb 01, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

The first step in purchasing a panel PC involves precise identification of its intended location and the environmental conditions it will encounter....


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

What is a Panel PC - And How Can It Transform your Business Operations?

Jan 29, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

A panel PC can be a game-changer in several business operations, providing solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. There are a variety...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

How to Clean a Panel PC

Jan 25, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

If you work with Panel PCs, you understand how daunting the task of cleaning it can be. Even so, it is an essential part of extending the longevity...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Edge Computing vs IoT: What is the Difference?

Jan 24, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

Edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are two transformative technologies that have gained significant attention in the digital landscape....


Edge Computing IOT Blog Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Panel PC vs. HMI: Choosing the Right Industrial Computing Solution

Jan 23, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

When faced with the choice between panel PCs and HMIs, determining the right fit for your specific use case becomes a challenge. This article...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

7 Most Common Reasons for Industrial Computer Failure and How to Avoid Them

Jan 22, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

At the heart of modern industries, industrial computers serve as the backbone, directing crucial processes and ensuring seamless operations....



UL 62368 Computers from Teguar

Jan 16, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

Certifications play a pivotal role, often serving as decisive factors when selecting a new industrial or medical computer. Collaborating with...


UL 62368 Computer Blog Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

7 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Rugged Tablet for Your Business 

Dec 22, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

As businesses increasingly rely on mobile technology to streamline operations and enhance productivity, the demand for rugged tablets has surged....


7 factors rugged tablet