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Home Knowledge Center Food Processing Line Technology: A Case Study with Teguar 

Case Studies

Food Processing Line Technology: A Case Study with Teguar 


With over a decade of experience in delivering advanced industrial and medical computing solutions, Teguar has equipped numerous companies across various industries with their computers. One of Teguar’s recent projects involved a customer in the food and beverage industry who faced a unique challenge in their quality control process. This case study highlights how Teguar's hardware provided a seamless and cost-effective solution.

Problem Definition

This customer, a prominent player in the food and beverage industry, needed an efficient way to gather pictures of products on their existing food processing line for their quality management system. The goal was to ensure that product quality could be monitored and documented accurately and efficiently.
A critical requirement was to minimize installation costs by reducing the number of wires and cables needed. Additionally, the product needed to be compact enough to fit seamlessly into their existing production line.

Solution Development

After analyzing their needs, Teguar's TB-4845-POE embedded computer seemed to be the right fit. The POE (Power Over Ethernet) capability of this PC meant that separate power lines were unnecessary, which directly addressed the customer's need to minimize wiring. 

Key Features of the TB-4845-POE Box PC: 

  • Power Over Ethernet (POE): Allows both power and data to be transmitted over a single Ethernet cable. 
  • Compact Design: Easily fits into existing electrical cabinets, saving space and reducing the need for additional infrastructure. 
  • Three LAN Ports: Facilitates seamless integration with existing company LAN networks and quality management systems. 
TB-4545- Front Angled


The implementation process was straightforward and highly efficient. The TB-4845-POE was mounted within an electrical cabinet on the customer's processing line. From there, a single ethernet line was run to connect two cameras positioned along the line. This setup significantly reduced the complexity and cost of the installation. 

The customer's in-house maintenance team managed the installation process independently, which was possible due to the use of low-voltage cabling. This self-sufficiency further contributed to cost savings and minimized downtime during the implementation phase. 

Installation Highlights: 

  • Ease of Installation: Simple and quick setup with minimal cabling. 
  • Cost-Effective: Reduced need for external contractors because of the simplicity of the low-voltage cabling. 
  • Integration: The TB-4845-POE Box PC seamlessly integrated with the existing quality management system through the company LAN network. 


Implementation of the TB-4845-POE and the accompanying cameras proved to be highly successful. The customer achieved several key benefits: 

  • Cameras were easy to install and required minimal wiring, drastically cutting down installation costs. 
  • The computer's compact design allowed it to be installed within existing electrical cabinets without additional power sources. 
  • The computer efficiently gathered data from the POE cameras and transmitted it to the quality management system over the company LAN network, thanks to its three LAN ports. 

This setup ensured continuous monitoring of product quality, providing high-resolution images that could be used for quality assurance and compliance purposes. 

Lessons Learned

Several critical insights emerged from this project: 

  • Easy integration with existing systems is crucial; the TB-4845-POE connected seamlessly to the company's LAN network. 
  • User-friendly solutions empower in-house teams and reduce reliance on external contractors, leading to cost savings. 
  • The compact design of the embedded PC highlighted the advantage of space-saving technology in tight environments. 

Overall, using advanced yet simple technology like the TB-4845-POE enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves product quality monitoring. 


This case study exemplifies Teguar's commitment to delivering practical, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for clients. By leveraging the TB-4845-POE, Teguar helped the customer streamline their quality control process, reduce installation costs, and maintain high standards of product quality. Innovative technology and customer-centric approach makes Teguar a trusted partner in the industrial computing space. 

Are you looking to enhance your food processing line with advanced, reliable technology? Contact Teguar today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. 

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About the Authors:

Emily Vrettos, Teguar's Digital Marketing Coordinator, merges her creativity with marketing skills to craft engaging content. When she isn’t writing, she loves to read, cook lots of different cuisines, and travel home to her family in New England.