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Home Knowledge Center What is a Medical Grade Tablet? 

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What is a Medical Grade Tablet? 

Advancements in technology are expanding across all industries, with the medical industry experiencing notable strides. You might be familiar with the concept of "medical grade," but what exactly does it entail, particularly concerning computers and tablets? An under-celebrated hero in this technology-meets-medicine narrative is the medical grade tablet — a versatile, resilient, and discreet device designed especially for the rigors of healthcare environments. 

Understanding Medical Grade Tablets

Medical grade tablets are purpose-built computing systems tailored for use in hospitals, clinics, and other medical settings. These devices go through a series of rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of durability and sanitation required by the healthcare industry. These tablets are engineered to be resistant to water, dust, and commonly used disinfectants, enabling a high level of sanitation to be maintained.

Their durability is enhanced through rugged design – often incorporating shock-resistant features – to withstand drops, bumps, and continuous use. Medical grade tablets are equipped with features that support data security and patient confidentiality, such as biometric scanners and advanced encryption. They also often have touchscreen capabilities that work with gloves and can be easily read in various lighting conditions, ensuring they are effective for patient care in any scenario. 

Features Medical Professionals Trust

Unlike consumer tablets, medical grade tablets are equipped with features like antimicrobial casing, isolated inputs and outputs, and compatibility with medical hardware and software— characteristics essential for seamless integration into clinical workflows. They boast a range of connectivity options, from standard Wi-Fi to advanced Bluetooth and RFID technologies, allowing for easy communication with other medical devices and quick access to patient information. 

These tablets are tailored not only for medical professionals but also for the benefit of patients. Medical tablets represent a modern approach to healthcare delivery by enabling real-time access to educational resources and facilitating communication with healthcare providers. They can display everything from appointment reminders to post-operative care instructions, keeping patients informed and engaged in their own health. 


From the emergency room to patient transport, these tablets prove their worth by offering solutions that are versatile and practical. 

EMR and Clinical Documentation 

One of the significant advantages of medical tablets is their role in improving efficiency through electronic medical record (EMR) access and clinical documentation on-the-go. Healthcare providers find them invaluable for updating patient charts in real-time, which can significantly improve coordination of care. 

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring 

hospital bed with computer in medicine

With the rise of telemedicine, medical grade tablets are becoming central to remote patient consultations. Their video conferencing capabilities, combined with high-resolution displays, aid in clear visual assessments, bringing healthcare to patients when and where they need it.

Stringent Regulatory Standards Compliance

Medical grade tablets must meet FDA regulations, ensuring they are safe and effective for use in patient care. This not only protects patient privacy but also guarantees that the devices are reliable and capable of withstanding hospital-grade cleaning agents. 

Teguar Medical Tablets

With over a decade of expertise in manufacturing medical-grade technology, Teguar offers a comprehensive range of medical tablets. These devices are meticulously designed to streamline clinical workflows, enhance patient engagement, and endure the rigorous conditions of healthcare environments. Teguar provides both ready-made solutions, featuring tablets with medical certifications, as well as customizable units tailored to specific needs. 

android tablet series

In one real world application, a leading medical technology manufacturer sought Teguar's assistance in integrating their Shock Wave Therapy device. Teguar responded by engineering a custom medical tablet precisely suited for seamless integration with their system, ensuring flawless compatibility and optimal performance. 

Technology as a Pillar in Healthcare Advancement

The shift towards digital-based healthcare is inevitable, and it is critical for healthcare institutions to leverage technology to its fullest potential. Medical grade tablets, with their robust features, compliant designs, and tailored applications, are the keystones supporting this transformation. By considering these devices, medical professionals can deliver enhanced patient care, optimize operations, and stay at the forefront of the healthcare revolution. 

For more information on how medical grade tablets can revolutionize your healthcare practice, or to discuss customization options for your unique needs, visit Teguar's website or contact us online.  

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Q: What differentiates a medical grade tablet from a consumer tablet?  

A: These tablets are specifically designed for the healthcare environment, featuring rugged designs, antimicrobial surfaces, compatibility with medical software, and adherence to regulatory standards like HIPAA and FDA, unlike consumer tablets. 

Q: Are Teguar medical tablets customizable for any medical application?  

A: Yes, Teguar offers customization options to meet the specific needs of different medical practices. This includes hardware modifications to ensure seamless operation within specialized healthcare settings. 

Q: How do medical grade tablets contribute to patient care?  

A: They enhance patient care by providing real-time access to EMR, supporting telemedicine consultations, enabling patient education, and improving the efficiency of clinical documentation and patient monitoring. 

Q: Can Teguar tablets withstand hospital-grade disinfectants?  

A: Yes, Teguar tablets are designed to withstand rigorous cleaning protocols and can be sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectants without damaging the device, ensuring they meet the high standards of hygiene required in healthcare settings. 

Q: What support does Teguar offer for their tablets?  

A: Teguar provides comprehensive support, including technical assistance, warranty services, and guidance on integrating their tablets with existing health information systems to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 

About the Authors:

Emily Vrettos, Teguar's Digital Marketing Coordinator, merges her creativity with marketing skills to craft engaging content. When she isn’t writing, she loves to read, cook lots of different cuisines, and travel home to her family in New England.