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Home Knowledge Center Unpacking the Differences Between Industrial and Consumer Tablets

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Unpacking the Differences Between Industrial and Consumer Tablets

Industrial vs Consumer Tablet

Tablets, with their versatile applications, have no doubt revolutionized various sectors from healthcare to manufacturing. In this blog post, we are going to put the spotlight on an often-overlooked distinction – the contrast between industrial tablets and their consumer-focused counterparts. It is a differentiation that goes beyond just the surface features and can influence productivity, safety, and efficiency in the workspace. 

Industrial Tablets: Workhorse of the Manufacturing Realm

Industrial tablets, as the name suggests, are designed for industrial and manufacturing environments. Unlike traditional consumer tablets, these rugged devices are built to withstand the harshest conditions, including dust, moisture, high and low temperatures, and even accidental drops.  

The Durability and Reliability Factor 

When the factory floor is your tablet's typical environment, a Gorilla Glass screen and slimline case design will not cut it. Industrial tablets are often waterproof, can resist chemical exposure, and will function in extreme temperatures. This durability is a testament to the robust software and systems that keep these devices operational, no matter the conditions. 

10 inch Rugged Tablet Docking Station- TRT-7080-10 Front Angle

Customization and Integration for Industry Use 

Being able to customize a tablet to display the necessary data for a specific process, or integrate it with other machinery for real-time reporting, is what sets industrial tablets apart. They are not siloed devices, but are instead central to a network of tools working seamlessly together. 

Consumer Tablets: A World of Connectivity and Entertainment

On the flip side, consumer tablets have become a personal hub for communication, creativity, and entertainment. Devices like the iPad and Android tablets have redefined mobility for a more connected world, appealing to the general masses with their sleek designs and user-friendly interfaces. 

Design and Aesthetics That Capture Hearts 

In the consumer market, aesthetics can be as important as functionality. Sleek designs, weight considerations, and screen image quality are all aspects that consumers give weight to when making a purchase. The thin, light profiles and vibrant screens are the kind of features that are less significant on a factory floor, but crucial for a device you are carrying around all day. 

Connectivity and Entertainment at the Forefront 

Consumer tablets are often the go-to devices for streaming movies, social media, and casual gaming, features that are nice to have but largely unnecessary in an industrial setting. They are designed to be the all-in-one device for all entertainment and communication needs. 

Key Differences that Define Functionality

When looking at industrial tablets versus consumer tablets, there are clear differences that go beyond the obvious. Here are some key distinctions that set them apart: 

Robustness and Ruggedness for Tough Environments 

Consumer tablets are not built to withstand the rugged environments of an industrial site. They lack the structural reinforcement and protective casing that industrial tablets boast. 

Performance and Processing Power for Critical Applications 

Industrial tablets need to be more than just functional; they need to be powerful. The speed and efficiency of an industrial tablet’s processor can make a world of difference in data processing and response times. 

Longevity and Support in the Long Run 

Consumer tablets are typically replaced every few years with the launch of newer models. Industrial tablets, however, need to have a longer life cycle, and consistent support to ensure continuity in workspace operations. 

Teguar's Industrial Tablets


Teguar's industrial tablets exemplify the pinnacle of what rugged mobility can mean in real-world applications. With a range of models across different screen sizes and form factors, Teguar's devices have been embraced in not just industrial settings but also in healthcare and retail, places where the conditions and requirements are as diverse as the products themselves. 

Although consumer tablets typically hold the spotlight for sleek aesthetics, Teguar distinguishes itself through its brand ethos of "elegant designs, rugged build." This signifies that despite being industrial-grade, Teguar's tablets are characterized by sleekness and lightweight construction. 

Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Needs 

When faced with the choice between an industrial and consumer tablet, it is essential to evaluate the specific needs of your environment. Selecting the appropriate tablet for your industry is not just a choice, it is a strategic decision that can impact your business in the years to come. With the right device in hand, you are not just investing in hardware; you are investing in the future of your operation. 

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About the Authors:

Emily Vrettos, Teguar's Digital Marketing Coordinator, merges her creativity with marketing skills to craft engaging content. When she isn’t writing, she loves to read, cook lots of different cuisines, and travel home to her family in New England.