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Home Custom Imaging Program
Save time and effort when configuring each computer in your fleet with Teguar’s Custom Imaging Program.

With this solution, we offer a seamless process to capture your desired system image, automate customizations, and deploy it across all your computers. Experience significant time savings and an enhanced out-of-the-box experience for every unit.

Custom Imaging

Here's How It Works:

  • SET UP YOUR IMAGE: Install and configure your desired system setup on one of our computers. Once you are satisfied with the setup, simply send the computer to us for image capture.

  • IMAGE PREP AND CUSTOMIZATION: Our expert team will prepare your system image for capture and create custom files to automate any specific image customizations you require.

  • SERVER SETUP: Once we receive your computer, we will perform the image capture process and set it up on our deployment server to ensure that your custom image is ready for your entire fleet.

  • DEPLOYMENT PROCESS: Our deployment process eliminates the need for manual configuration, drastically reducing the deployment time for each unit.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

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