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Home Warranty

Teguar Computers come standard with a 12 month warranty. 

We also offer up to 5 years extension of our product warranty at the time of sale.

Warranty starts from the time the product is shipped to you from Teguar. You do not need to register or save the receipt as long as the unit still has the serial number we can look up the warranty term and start date.

Teguar wants to be your preferred business partner.  We will gladly work to help you with all sorts of computer related issues you encounter via our free technical support.  If an RMA is needed, we understand the importance of getting you an accurate and long-lasting fix, and getting back up and running quickly.

Teguar does hands on repair of products in Charlotte North Carolina, USA.  We keep a wide array of parts on hand for repairs, but sometimes parts will need to be ordered and this can cause delay in repairs.

Teguar Warranty Includes:
  • Repair of the system, Including labor
  • Components needing replacement
  • If necessary, re-installation of original OS
  • Return shipment to customer
Events NOT Covered by Standard Warranty Include:
  • Physical damage
  • Damage caused by unauthorized repairs
  • Use of product outside of its approved environment
  • Exposure to direct sunlight, unless explicitly approved
  • Inbound Shipping
  • Software

To start a warranty claim – please submit an RMA request here.

For full explanation of warranty benefits and limitations, see our Terms and Conditions