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Teguar’s Interactive kiosks are rapidly shifting from a novelty into an essential asset for businesses. Today, kiosks are commonly found in places such as retail chains, grocery stores, ticket centers and amusement parks. Large businesses and healthcare facilities are also starting to use kiosks as a way for guests and patients to check in.  Kiosks can handle a variety of tasks including payment, check-in/check-out, collecting information, and education.

At the heart of every kiosk application is the touch screen. Teguar’s kiosk computers are specifically designed to endure the rigors of continued use in any public or unsupervised settings. Kiosk computers must be rugged and durable. These PCs have an IP66 rated front side, so when panel mounted into a kiosk, they are water and dust proof. Teguar provides kiosk computers in a range of touchscreen sizes from 07” to 24” and with optional PoE, for easy installation and cable management.

Businesses are embracing automation and self-service as a means to saving costs and improving customer satisfaction. Kiosks allow customers to explore products and services independently while reducing staffing costs for businesses. As touch screen kiosks have gathered a great deal of customer acceptance and merchant approval, they will be deployed in more and more industries and economic sectors in the near future.


Teguar Kiosk Computer Applications:

  • Touch Screen Terminal
  • Ticket Kiosk
  • Kiosk Information Systems


Features of Kiosk Computers:

  • Available in touch screen sizes 07”-24”
  • All-in-One PC or Box PC + Monitor
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional Power over Ethernet
  • Water and dust proof
  • Optional high-brightness, sunlight-readable LCD screens