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Home Product Applications Home Healthcare Tablets
Home Healthcare

Key Features of Teguar's Home Healthcare Tablets:

  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry for healthcare providers on the move. 
  • User-Friendly Interfaces: Intuitive designs for seamless interaction in diverse home settings. 
  • Robust Connectivity: Reliable communication capabilities for effective virtual consultations. 
  • Environmental Resilience: Built to withstand varying lighting conditions and potential environmental factors. 
  • Customization: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of Home Healthcare applications, contributing to enhanced remote patient care. 

Read more about Home Healthcare Tablets below.

Model TMT-A5580-08S

8” Android Medical Tablet

  • 8” Full HD Display with Touch
  • Octa-Core Processor, 2.0/2.2 Ghz
  • Android 11 with Google Mobile Services
Model TMT-4391-08

8" Medical Tablet PC

  • 8" Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Glare, Scratch-Resistant Touch Screen
  • Efficient Intel Cherrytrail CPU
  • Removable Battery With 8+ Hour Run Time
Model TMT-Q7C80-08S

8" Medical Tablet

  • 8” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Qualcomm Octa Core Processor with Windows 11
  • 60601 Medically Compliant
Model TMT-5957-13

13" Medical Tablet

  • 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake Processor
  • 13.3" Widescreen Display
  • Lightweight Build—Weighs <4 lbs

Since 2020, the Home Healthcare sector is at the forefront of patient-centric care, enabling individuals to receive medical attention and monitoring without leaving their homes. Picture Tablets seamlessly integrate into the routines of healthcare providers, facilitating remote consultations, medication management, and real-time health monitoring. The unique demands of Home Healthcare Tablets arise from the need for portability, user-friendly interfaces, and robust connectivity to ensure effective communication between healthcare professionals and patients in diverse home environments. 

These tablets play a pivotal role in remote patient monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to track vital signs, administer virtual consultations, and ensure medication adherence. Home Healthcare Tablets are designed to meet the specific requirements of home-based care, offering a reliable platform for healthcare professionals to deliver personalized and timely services. The ability to withstand the challenges of various home settings, from varying lighting conditions to potential environmental factors, is paramount. 

Why Choose Teguar for your Home Healthcare Tablet

Amid the uncertainties of 2020 that impacted the globe, in-home health is gaining significant traction. Teguar understands the nuanced needs of home-based care, providing tablets that exceed expectations. Teguar's Home Healthcare Tablets empower healthcare providers with the confidence that their technology can enhance remote patient care, streamline workflows, and contribute to improved health outcomes within the home environment.