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Home Consultation and Computer Customization

What You Get at NO Extra Cost

Project Consultation

Teguar account representatives have an in-depth knowledge of products in our markets and work very closely with product engineers. They are aware of the nuances of product choice. For instance, if you choose a high brightness screen, it will increased the unit's power draw, so you may need a box PC and monitor solution, instead of an all-in-one solution. Account representatives will help you think through these types of scenarios.

Teguar representatives are familiar with the particulars of specific applications and know what questions to ask. To get started, submit a Contact Us form and check “Product Consultation”. You will then get an email back to set up a good time for a complimentary call from an account representative.

Office worker rearranges papers on a design board
Light Design Customization

Product customization can happen two ways.

  1. Customizations that are listed in the product specs usually do not require extra engineering work or significant changes in manufacturing process. These can be ordered at the cost of the product, with no added design fees.
  2. There are many light customization options that are not listed per product, but are easily doable. These can be done at no cost, if your order is over the MOQ (Minimum Ordered Quantity), or at a cost, for smaller orders.
Talk to a Product Manager

Talk to a Product Manager

Enter your name and a convenient contact number and a Teguar account manager will reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced product managers.

Engineering Cost Associated

In Depth Product Customization and Original Design

Some projects require or desire a bit more. If your project is one-of-a-kind, it may need a one-of-a-kind solution. This could mean extensively modifying a product or building a product from the ground up. Teguar regularly works with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to customize a computer that fits perfectly with the total solution they are providing to the end customer. In many cases this service comes with NRE fees (Non Refundable Engineering fee) that are paid up front or at time of first sample. For high quantity projects, the NRE fee can be added into the blanket purchase order per unit cost or waived.

Project Type Examples

Projects that are "off the shelf" at no extra cost
  • Standard HMI Interfaces and Control Panels for Industrial Applications
  • Medical Cart Computers for General Hospital Use
  • Rugged Tablets for Field Services with Standard Wireless Needs
Projects needing light customization and may have fees associated
  • Semi-outdoor Units
  • Adding Additional I/O Ports
  • Tablet Docking and Mounting Solutions
  • Adding Speakers or Barcode Scanners
Projects typically best suited for ground up original design
  • Medical Box PC to Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Medical Cart
  • Integrating High Performance Graphics Cards
  • Custom Enclosures that Include Customer Defined Peripherals
Ready to Get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

Enter your name and a convenient contact number and a Teguar account manager will reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced product managers.