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Key Features of Teguar's Construction Computers:

  • Rugged Construction: Built to withstand dust, debris, and vibrations on construction sites. 
  • Versatile Connectivity: Seamless integration with surveying instruments, drones, and other construction technology devices. 
  • Durability: Ensuring reliable performance in challenging and unpredictable construction environments. 
  • High-Performance Processing: Advanced computing capabilities for real-time collaboration, document management, and data analysis on construction projects. 
  • Customization: Tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the construction industry, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. 

Read more about Construction Computers below.

Model TP-3445-08

8” Panel Mount Computer

  • 8” Pcap or Resistive Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Quad Core CPU
  • Fanless Design and Aluminum Housing
Model TRT-4380-08

8" Rugged Tablet

  • 8" Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Quad Core Z8350 CPU
  • Optional High Brightness
Model TRT-4680-08

8" Durable Tablet

  • Intel Jasper Lake Quad-Core processor
  • 7H rated anti-scratch glass
  • Multiple I/Os including 1x USB 3.0, 1x Type-C USB, 1x Mini HDMI
Model TP-3445-07

7” Industrial Panel PC

  • 7” TFT-LCD Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Quad Core CPU
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing

The construction sector is a multifaceted landscape where precision, durability, and efficiency are paramount. From project management and design to on-site operations, construction computers play a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. In this environment, where conditions can be unpredictable and demanding, construction computers must meet unique requirements. 

Consider a construction site where project managers utilize construction computers for real-time collaboration, document management, and project scheduling. On the field, engineers and surveyors rely on these computers for precise measurements and data analysis. The robustness of construction computers is evident when used in heavy machinery, ensuring seamless communication and control, contributing to the efficiency and safety of operations. 

The unique requirements for construction computers are shaped by the challenging conditions of construction sites. They need to withstand dust, debris, and potential exposure to water or extreme temperatures. Rugged construction ensures durability in the face of vibrations from heavy equipment and transportation. Construction computers must also offer versatile connectivity to integrate seamlessly with surveying instruments, drones, and other construction technology devices. 

Why Choose Teguar for your Construction Computer?

Teguar understands the rugged demands of the construction industry and provides computers that not only meet but exceed these expectations. Our devices are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance on construction sites. Teguar's construction computers are not just technologically advanced; they are customized to meet the unique challenges of the construction environment, contributing to increased efficiency and successful project outcomes.