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Interactive Display

Features of Interactive Displays:

  • Available in screen sizes from 07” – 24”
  • Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Intel Atom/Celeron CPU
  • Durable Touchscreens
  • Mounting options including VESA mount, panel mount, and desktop mount
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G/4G capabilities
  • Aesthetically pleasing, fanless designs
  • Designed to operate 24/7
  • Long lifecycles and highly dependable

Read more about Interactive Displays below.

Model TA-5940-22

22” Light Industrial Computer

  • 21.5” LED Panel Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Customizable, Modular, Expandable
Model TA-4840-22

22" Fanless All In One PC

  • 21.5” Full HD Display with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron J6412 Quad-Core CPU
  • Various Mounting Stands
Model TA-Q5340-22

21.5” Commercial Android Touch PC

  • 21.5” Display with PCAP Touchscreen
  • Qualcomm OctaCore CPU and Android 9.0
  • Customizable, Modular, Expandable
Model TA-5940-18

18” Commercial Touch Computer

  • 18.5” PCap Touchscreen
  • Intel 11th Gen Tigerlake CPU
  • Modular Design with Removable Box PC

Teguar provides touch screen computers and monitors that are built to last, even in the harshest settings. With durable, IP65 rated front panels, Teguar Interactive Displays are ideal for touchscreen applications in public areas, such as restaurant ordering boards and interactive venue maps. They are also suited for applications in high traffic areas where hundreds of users may interact with the touchscreen daily, including employee clock-in/out and interactive room signage. For outdoor interactive displays, Teguar has computers that are fully waterproof, have high-brightness screens for readability in sunlight, and can operate in a wide temperature range.

Interactive displays can come in two forms: all-in-one panel PC, or rugged box PC plus industrial monitor. Both forms provide high processing power and rugged bezels. Teguar provides interactive displays that are fanless and fully sealed, allowing them to function in dusty or dirty environments and protecting the system’s internal parts from sprays or spills. Teguar industrial computers are available with resistive touchscreens, which are highly durable and will register touch, even if the user is wearing gloves. Or, Teguar’s panel PCs can have a projective capacitive touchscreen, which allows multiple users to use the touch screen at once.

Teguar’s interactive displays can be found all over the world in settings including museums, amusement parks, conference rooms, restaurants, and even inside a monkey habitat, where primatologists are using innovative touchscreen technology to research and interact with primates. Whatever your application, Teguar has an interactive display that can provide a long-lasting, reliable solution. 

Teguar Interactive Display Applications:

  • Restaurant Menu Board
  • Interactive Museum Exhibit
  • Research and Education 
  • Information Terminal
  • Conference Room Signage
  • Product Advertising
  • Way Finding