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Teguar Computers Gives You a Strong Foundation to Build On
Teguar computers provides industrial strength hardware platforms for your IT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Reliable computer hardware is foundational for your operational success. Teguar partners with you to help you build success in your company through placing dependable computer solutions exactly where you need them and will provide an excellent ROI. While computers can never be future proofed, we provide cutting edge technology so you can start off ahead of the crowd. All of our PCs are made with robust internal and external components made to run your demanding applications so that your need to replace computer hardware is greatly reduced. Teguar touch screen all-in-one computer solutions include medical-grade computers, fanless panel PCs, waterproof computers, and rugged tablets. We also provide industrial fanless box pc solutions.

Teguar Computers Work Anywhere You Work
We manufacture computers that can be installed any place you work so you can stay connected to your Iot or operational systems at all times. Whether it’s on boats, in a medical facility, an explosion-prone zone, or in a food processing plant; anyone in a challenging work environment can have touch screen computers on location. We understand you have unique environmental challenges and solution requirements and have created PCs to fit specific types of environments with options that allow for further customization. Medical certifications, IP and NEMA ratings, Windows, Linux, and ARM based operating systems are some of the types of options paired with our industrial grade components and enclosures. Anywhere you need a computer; Teguar has a solution for you.

Teguar Corporation Walks with You
At Teguar, we believe in service that is as reliable as our computers. You can count on us for friendly, helpful support every step of the way. Our account managers will walk you through your computer purchase from start to finish, helping you select the right hardware solution for your project. We help you make the most of your purchase so you can give your company a strong technology foundation to build operational success on. Included with a computer purchase at Teguar is support from an excellent and diligent service department that understands environmental and technical challenges present. All products, which include stock items, customized orders, and various operating systems, come with a standard 12 month or optional 24-month warranty. Every day, we deliver unparalleled customer service that makes purchasing specialized computers a seamless and smooth process.

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