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Home OEM/ODM Computer Design Services

Once we agree that a customized unit needs to be designed in order to meet the requirements, Teguar works with you through the process below. To ensure we achieve the best possible solution, all parties are kept informed and involved throughout the design process.

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The Design Process

Close-up of PLC inputs

Gathering Inputs

Teguar wants to know about not only your hopes for the product design, but also your business strategy and market overview. The more we know about what makes you successful in your industry, the better we can deliver a product that will exceed your expectations and result in the continued growth of your company. We want to be a partner with you in this project.

Teguar will ask probing questions to understand fully what is required, what is a nice-to-have, and what we need to avoid. We see it as our job to discuss with you the pros and cons of certain choices based on our experience with this type of computer hardware design. At the end of this stage, we have a list of the inputs that need to go into our design considerations in order to deliver a product that will meet the needs in your environment.

Visualization of a woman's brain overlayed with digital data

Concept Design

Based on your inputs, we will narrow down the limitless possibilities of a custom product to a couple of specific concept designs. We will share these concept designs with you in different forms such as spec sheets, 2D drawings, 3D Cad models, video conferences, and real world examples. At this point Teguar will make the case for why we are proposing a design and how we see it meeting your requirements. We will talk about the cost implications of certain design choices and ensure that the end solution stays within the acceptable parameters of cost, lead time, order quantity and functionality.

Layers of electrical engineering

Electronic Engineering

Next we get to work implementing our design concept at the circuit board level. We work with contract manufacturers that control the SMT process for the circuit boards, so customization can be done in house. Our products are designed with expandability in mind when possible, so many of our off-the-shelf products have expansion bays or multi-use headers built in to their design to make customization easier.

Inside of a Teguar industrial panel pc

Mechanical Engineering

Concurrently with the electrical design aspect, we are also working on the mechanical design aspect. Here we are making decisions on how the enclosure should be made. For example, CNC manufacturing of enclosure is generally more expensive, but it can be done quickly and it is easy to change if needed. Whereas tooling of the enclosure has a high upfront cost and cannot be modified, but it results in a much lower cost per unit. Which type we go forward with will depend on the inputs we received from the customer.

A large part of the mechanical engineering is determining “will it fit”. There is always the tradeoff of cost and space, so we will determine the key options here and discuss with you if shrinking the size is worth the cost or not. This goes hand-in-hand with the electrical engineering, as a change in an internal electrical component could drastically change the mechanical design requirements. Rest assured, we have experience here and will do our best to ensure no surprise changes pop up as a result of another change.

Prototyping a spherical object using a 3d printer


After Teguar’s internal team and the customer have reviewed the outputs from engineering, we will meet to determine what is needed for validation of the design. When building a custom solution, we often create a prototype for you to evaluate and test in your environment. This is a great way to ensure our product design meets your requirements. In some cases, or due to a demanding timeline, we may use test reports, spec sheets, drawings or similar examples to validate a design instead. Teguar will work with you to decide what is the best course of action for a project.

Factory engineer shakes hands with the foreman in the factory

Approval and Production

Once a prototype design is validated, we confirm production and delivery timelines and move on to mass production of your custom computer design.

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Let's talk about your project.

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