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Product Announcements

Masterful Mounting: Teguar's Touch Screen Panel PC Series

Sep 18, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Panel PCs have firmly established themselves as essential components within the realm of industrial computing, and Teguar boasts a decade-long...


TP-5945 Blog Thumbnail

Product Announcements

Elevate your Industrial Computing: Teguar’s Flush Mount Panel PC Series

Sep 01, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar's panel PCs prove to be invaluable assets in demanding settings that require robust computing solutions. Marking a significant advancement,...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Industrial Computer Mounting Solutions: Panel Mount vs. Open Frame Mount

Aug 08, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

For in-wall industrial computer mounting, there are two primary options available: panel mount and open frame mount. Each of these options has...


mounting solutions blog thumbnail

Product Announcements

Teguar Introduces TP-5610: A High-Performance Touchscreen Panel PC for Industrial Environments

Apr 24, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar’s Panel PCs are built for long-term operation in the most demanding work environments. The TP-5610, Teguar’s newest Panel PC follows...


tp-5610-bog thumbnail

Product Announcements

Teguar’s Industrial Fanless Panel PC Series: Celeron Processor with Windows 11 Capabilities?

Mar 06, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Industrial Celeron PCs are one of Teguar’s most requested products - and for good reason. Computers with Celeron processors are desirable because...



Technical Articles & Industry Trends

What Makes an Industrial Touchscreen Industrial?

Feb 15, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Too often in life, it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of security by marketing. You may purchase "heavy-duty" trash bags one day, only...


industrial touchscreen thumbnail


Industrial Touchscreen PCs with Celeron Processors

Feb 02, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar offers a wide range of Industrial Touchscreen PCs designed with the utmost durability and performance. Our range of computers, specifically...


Celeron Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Benefits of Adding Industrial HMI Panel PCs to Your Business

Dec 22, 2022 by Shira Sagal

Screens are everywhere, or at least they seem to be multiplying at every corner, in every store, at the gas station, at the restaurant, at your...


Digital hand touching a screen, symbolizing touchscreen technology

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Do I need an HMI Panel PC or a PLC HMI?

Dec 05, 2022 by Shira Sagal

The question of whether or not to use a PLC or panel PC as the HMI for the industrial automation line has plagued engineers in manufacturing...


Man in hard hat uses Panel PC HMI in an industrial environment

Product Announcements

New Industrial Panel PC Series Has Increased Processing Power for the Most Demanding Work Environments

Nov 16, 2022 by Emily Vrettos

Industrial Panel PCs have been one of Teguar’s most popular computers- and for good reason. They are able to easily handle vibration, moisture,...