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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly prevalent across industries, simplifying tasks and improving efficiency. In fields like industry and healthcare, AI leads the way in innovation. Stay up-to-date with the latest insights and updates on AI applications in medical and industrial computing through our dedicated catalogue of AI-specific blogs.

Product Announcements

Explore Teguar’s Newest Medical Computer Series 

May 10, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar provides a diverse array of medical computers, each tailored to specific needs. Some feature backup batteries for mobility on medical...


TM-7110F Blog Thumbnail

Product Announcements

Seamless Power, Streamlined Care: Introducing the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series

Feb 05, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

Teguar is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Battery Powered Medical Computer Series – an innovative leap forward in healthcare technology...


Product Announcements

Stay Ahead in Healthcare with the TM-7165: Teguar’s Newest Medical All in One

Oct 23, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

In today's tech landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken center stage in conversations everywhere. Amidst this ongoing dialogue, Teguar...


TM-7165 Blog Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Faster Diagnoses, Smarter Decisions: Edge Computing's Influence on Healthcare Analytics

Oct 10, 2023 by Not Specified

The COVID-19 pandemic made it more apparent that the healthcare industry needed better ways to process and store all the data it produces. Enter...


Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Industrial Careers in the Age of Machine Learning

Sep 21, 2023 by Not Specified

The amount of data available to those in the industrial sector can be borderline overwhelming. Everything from consumer behavior to supply chain...


Industrial Careers

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Exploring the Role of AI in Medical Computers

Sep 06, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

In recent years, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into medical computers has revolutionized the healthcare industry, driving significant...


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