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Home Teguar at HIMSS

Teguar has been a vendor at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's Global Health Conference & Exhibition every year since 2014. Read along as we elaborate on Teguar's experiences at HIMSS conferences throughout the years.

Teguar Knowledge Center Posts
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Teguar Gears Up for HIMSS 2023 in Chicago

Mar 24, 2023 by Matthew Nadolny

Mid-April is fast-approaching, and we're excited to be putting everything together for another HIMSS appearance in 2023! Teguar has a history...



The Teguar Team at HIMSS 22

Mar 16, 2022 by Matthew Nadolny

Greetings from sunny Orlando! Activity at Booth #4067 of the HIMSS 22 Global Healthcare Conference has been bustling this week, and present Teguar...



Teguar’s Medical Computer Line up at HIMSS20 Health IT Exhibition

Feb 04, 2020 by Teguar Computers

-Update March 6, 2020 -  HIMSS20 is canceled due to concerns about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Unfortunately, we won't be able to meet you...


Planned lineup of Teguar devices for HIMSS 2020

Product Announcements

New TM-4433-10 brings a Super Slim 10” Panel Mount PC to Healthcare

Feb 12, 2019 by Teguar Computers

Teguar is introducing a 10.1 inch Panel Mount Medical PC. The TM-4433-10 brings industrial-grade components to the medical field in...


Teguar 10

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

UX Design in Medical Computer Hardware

Jan 18, 2019 by Kathryn Armstrong

Companies at the forefront of healthcare technology are using user-centered design to create innovative new technologies that improve the quality,...


User-Centered Design in Healthcare

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Teguar Showcasing New Products at HIMSS19

Jan 10, 2019 by Kathryn Armstrong

Charlotte, NC - Teguar is excited to showcase our products at the HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition for the seventh year in a row. “HIMSS...


Teguar TM-5010-22 and TMD-10-22 medical cart displays

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Consumerization of Healthcare

Nov 20, 2018 by Shira Sagal

Gartner defines consumerization as “specific impact that consumer-originated technologies can have on enterprises. It reflects how enterprises...


Cupped hands in front of a cloudy background holding a small white house with a red cross on it

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Why it’s Worth it to Attend Over-Hyped and Under Appreciated Trade Shows

Feb 21, 2018 by Shira Sagal

The amount of effort that goes into four days of being crammed into a 10x20 square of carpet in a sea of signs, salespersons and attendees is...


Join Teguar in Las Vegas for HIMSS 2018

Product Announcements

Teguar Brings New Ergonomic Medical Tablet PC TMT-4395-10 to Healthcare Market

Jan 10, 2018 by Teguar Computers

Teguar's TMT-4395-10 is a pervious generation product. See our other medical tablet PCs or our rugged tablet PCs. Charlotte, NC - Teguar is introducing...


Four Teguar medical devices including a medical tablet, a medical box pc and two medical monitors


Teguar at HIMSS 2015

Feb 03, 2015 by Teguar Computers

April 13-15, 2015 Teguar will be in Chicago, IL at HIMSS15 showcasing new medical computers that are designed to build on excellence. Every...


Teguar Computers to Exhibit at HIMSS 15, April 13-15 in Chicago IL