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Home Box PC

Teguar offers multiple grades of box pc, including medical box pcs with an antimicrobial coating as well as a series of waterproof box pcs. Below are some of Teguar's featured box pc products, followed by product announcements, independent reviews, technical articles, and other Teguar writings on the power of the box pc.

Teguar Products
tagged with Box PC

Model TMB-5710

Medical Edge AI Box PC

  • Ready for AI / Medical edge computing
  • Intel 9th Gen. Coffee Lake-S CPU
  • PCIe 16x extension includes extra LAN and COM ports
Model TB-5745-PCIe

GPU Expansion x16 Box PC

  • PCI Express 4.0 x16 GPU Support
  • Mainboard CPU Fanless Design for some Processors and GPU Card Expansion with Smart Fan support
  • Intel 9th Gen. Core i7/i5/i3 Processors / Intel Xeon Processor
Model TB-4045-DIN

DIN Mountable Fanless PC

  • Intel Quad-Core Celeron J1900 CPU
  • Wide Operating Temp (-20°C – 70°C)
  • DIN Rail Mountable
Model TB-4045

Rugged Box PC

  • Intel Celeron J1900 CPU
  • Wall Mountable, Compact Form Factor
  • Fanless, Rugged Housing
Model TB-3445

Rugged Mini PC

  • Intel N3350/4200 CPU
  • Slim & Rugged Chassis
  • Abundant Inputs/Outputs
Model TWB-5920

Waterproof Box PC

  • 11th Generation Core i5 Processor
  • Windows 11 Capabilities
  • Fanless Design
Model TWB-2945

Waterproof PC

  • Intel Bay Trail N2930 1.83GHz SoC CPU
  • IP67 Waterproof Rated & IP69K Compliant
  • Sleek Fanless Stainless Steel Design
Model TB-5545-PCIe

Fanless PC with PCIe

  • Intel 7th Gen. Kaby Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
  • 2x SO-DIMM, up to 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • Three Independent Video Outputs
Model TB-5045

Fanless Computer

  • Intel 6th Gen. Skylake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
  • 2x SO-DIMM, up to 32GB DDR4 Memory
  • Three Independent Video Outputs
Model TB-4040

Fanless Box PC

  • Intel Bay Trail J1900 2.0GHz CPU
  • Compact Fanless Design
  • Low Power Consumption
Model TB-2945-DIN

Fanless Box Computer with DIN Rail Mount

  • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core (2M Cache, Up to 2.16GHz)
  • Designed for DIN Rail Mount
  • Wide Range DC Power Input (9~36VDC)
Model TB-2945

Fanless Box Computer

  • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core Processor
  • Steel Chassis with Aluminum Heatsink
  • Wide Operating Temperature

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Teguar Knowledge Center Posts
tagged with Box PC

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Product Announcements

Introducing the Teguar TWB-5920: More Than Just a Waterproof Box PC

Feb 23, 2024 by Emily Vrettos

The industrial technology landscape, there is a growing need for tough computing devices that can perform under the harshest conditions. Whether...


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Product Announcements

Unveiling the TB-5945 Industrial PC by Teguar

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Teguar's relentless commitment to advancement and quality is exemplified by the release of the TB-5945 Industrial PC, a powerful box PC engineered...


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The Vital Role of Industrial Automation Box PCs

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