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Home Knowledge Center Teguar’s Medical Computer Line up at HIMSS20 Health IT Exhibition


Teguar’s Medical Computer Line up at HIMSS20 Health IT Exhibition

-Update March 6, 2020 - 

HIMSS20 is canceled due to concerns about the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Unfortunately, we won't be able to meet you in Orlando, but we want to show you what we had planned. If you want to see these products in person, please contact us to request a demo, or call 1-800-870-7715 to discuss your project.

Planned lineup of Teguar devices for HIMSS 2020

- Original post February 4, 2020 - 

Teguar Corporation will exhibit for the eighth year in a row at the HIMSS Global Conference and Exhibition. Each year, Teguar displays new computer hardware and tablet PCs to the one of the world’s largest HealthIT audiences. Teguar’s lineup of computers at HIMSS20 is loaded with new-to-market products, including a medical handheld device, rugged tablets housed in new white bezels, a new PC geared towards medical OEMs, and upgrades to already popular products. For the first time, Teguar is also testing a new computer in the market, a kiosk computer, used for patient check-in and more.

You can see Teguar’s full lineup of medical computers, tablets, and handhelds at booth #4779 in Orlando, FL, March 9-13 at the HIMSS20 Exhibition.

Rugged Handheld Device | TRH-A5380-05

Front and back views of the Teguar TRH-A5380-05 rugged handheld deviceBrand new to the market, Teguar’s TRH-A5380-05 is a 5” Rugged Handheld PC running on a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. This PC has an optional barcode scanner, which can be used for barcode medication administration or positive patient ID. It also has built-in NFC and a removable battery. The TRH-A5380-05 is rugged and waterproof, so it can withstand frequent drops and cleanings, and it’s small enough to fit into your pocket. You can also upgrade to white, anti-microbial housing. Look for this product in the HIMSS Show Daily Magazine!

Android Rugged Tablet in White | TRT-A5380-10S

Front and back views of the Teguar TRT-A5380-10STeguar introduced the TRT-A5380 Series in March 2019 and has now added the option for white housing for the healthcare market. The TRT-A5380-10S is slim and rugged. It can withstand frequent drops and shocks and it is waterproof, making it easy to sanitize. It runs on the Octa-Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU and comes equipped with a USB, HDMI, SD and SIM.

12” Windows Rugged Tablet | TRT-5180-12

Teguar TRT-5180-12 rugged tabletOriginally designed for the industrial market, Teguar’s TRT-5180-12 made its way into healthcare in emergency services and OEM/ODM devices. The 12.2” LCD touchscreen can act as a human-machine interface (HMI) and the rugged design can withstand machine vibrations or shocks. It has a convenient docking station and a hot swappable battery, for continuous use shift after shift. This tablet runs Windows 10 and has fanless, dual-core computing.

10” Medical Panel PC | TM-4433-10

Teguar TM-4433-10 medical panel pcWatch the Video

This medical computer provides a cost effective, powerful computing solution in a small, versatile form factor. This TM-4433-10 can be panel mounted, wall mounted, IV pole mounted, or VESA mounted to a medical cart, ergonomic arm or desktop stand. This medically certified PC has a slim, fanless design and is built to accommodate various OEM projects.

22” Medical All-in-One Computer | TM-5557-22

Teguar TM-5557-22 medical all-in-one computerWatch the Video

The TM-5557-22 is slim and lightweight with a 21.5” HD display. This computer features an Intel 7th Gen Kabylake Core i5/i7 processor and has an optional backup battery. It is also one of the most cost-effective medically certified computers on the market. This year at HIMSS, Teguar will showcase new custom designed peripherals for the TM-5557-22, including a built-in smart card and RFID reader, and a VOIP handset and cradle.

15” Healthcare Computer | TM-4033-15

Teguar TM-4033-15 medical pcThe TM-4033-15 has a 15.6” touchscreen, available in projected capacitive or resistive. It runs on the efficient Intel Celeron J1900 CPU and features a CFAST slot and optional smart card reader. This computer is preferred by OEMs because it has various mounting options and an optional wide-range DC power input with a terminal block connector or a standard AC medical power adapter.

24” Medical Computer and Monitor | TM-5510-24 and TMD-10-24

Teguar TM-5010-22 and TMD-10-22 medical cart displaysThe TM-5510-24 is an All-in-One Medical Computer with 3x hot-swappable batteries, for 24/7 mobility. This powerful computer features the Intel 7th Gen Core i5/i7 CPU and has a 23.8” HD touchscreen with DICOM capabilities on our higher performance CPU models. This computer can be paired with the TMD-10-24 Medical Monitor to provide a vast area of view, so vitals and charts can be viewed simultaneously with ease. Both computers are 60601-1 4th Ed certified and have anti-bacterial bezels.

22” Medical Cart Computer | TME-5040-22

Teguar TME-5040-22 medical cart computerThis medical computer is ideal for mounting onto a medical workstation on wheels. The TME-5040-22 has three hot-swappable batteries for up to 12 hours of power and features a high-performance Intel Skylake processor. This computer is loaded with IOs, including a 24V powered USB output that can be used to power peripherals.

8” Medical Tablet | TMT-4391-08

Two Teguar TMT-4391-08 medical tablet devicesThis medical tablet has an abundance of expansion module options including a barcode scanner and smart card reader. Its dual operating system makes the TMT-4391-08 unique, as it allows the tablet to run Windows 10 IoT or Android 6.0. This medically certified, 8” tablet can run 8+ hours on one battery, which can be easily removed and swapped for a fully charged battery.

Embedded Medical Computer | TMB-5010-PCIe

Teguar TMB-5010-PCIe medical box pcThis medical box PC has an abundance of I/Os and and a full PCI-E x 16 expansion slot, giving it the ability to integrate with a variety of card sizes and applications including surgical, radiology and PACS (Picture Archiving Communication Systems). The TMB-5010-PCIe has a fanless heatsink cooling system and is available in black or white.

18” Medical Computer | TM-5040-18

Teguar TM-5040 medical all-in-one computerThe TM-5040 Series is available in screen sizes of 15.6", 18.5", and 21.5". The TM-5040-18 features an Intel Skylake CPU, fanless cooling system, durable anti-bacterial aluminum housing and TPM 2.0 security. These computers are loaded with inputs and outputs have an easy access drive bay, and are IEC 60601-1 4th Ed medically certified. Look for the TM-5040 Series in the HIMSS Show Daily Magazine!

Stainless Steel Computer | TS-4010-15

Teguar TS-4010-15 stainless steel computerTeguar’s Stainless Steel Computers are fully waterproof for use in sterile and wash down environments. These PCs can be used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, where equipment is sterilized with harsh medical chemicals or can be cleaned with high-pressure, high-temperature water jets. Available in various screen sizes and CPUs, you can see the TS-4010-15 under a water fountain at Teguar’s HIMSS booth #4779.

Learn more about HIMSS and register for HIMSS20, or contact us to request a demo or discuss your project.