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Home Machine Vision Computer

Machine vision refers to a system of computers able to read images via a camera and evaluate them in real-time. A machine vision computer is one with high processing power that can read high quantities of detailed inputs and assess them accordingly on a factory floor.

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Machine Vision Box Computer

Fanless Box Computer | TB-5545 Series



The TB-5545-MVS combines high performance and an abundance of I/Os in a compact, rugged form factor. Measuring only 9 inches wide (222 mm) and with the I/Os conveniently placed on one side, this computer was designed for compact spaces, like an electrical cabinet on a shop floor. It is fanless, housed in aluminum and steel, and can be DIN rail or wall mounted. The TB-5545-MVS can be configured with 2x or 4x PCIe slots, supporting an endless variety of expansion cards, making this computer flexible for industry specific applications, including machine vision, edge computing, and quality control. The TB-5545-MVS is delivers maximum impact in a small form factor.

Read the Product Review from RuggedPCReview >

Teguar Knowledge Center Posts
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Industrial Careers in the Age of Machine Learning

Sep 21, 2023 by Not Specified

The amount of data available to those in the industrial sector can be borderline overwhelming. Everything from consumer behavior to supply chain...


Industrial Careers

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Deep Learning & Machine Learning: What Are the Differences?

Aug 03, 2023 by Jadon Valdez

In today’s tech world, talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s changing the industry is all the rage. Much like IoT in the mid-2010s...


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Medical OEM Developer Demand for Next-Gen Medical Imaging Computer Hardware Increasing

Aug 25, 2022 by Shira Sagal

Any medical OEM developer working to bring new imaging applications to market will tell you that it is not an easy task. Navigating a world full...


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Selecting an Industrial Computer for Your Manufacturing Environment

Jan 07, 2022 by Cory Hovanetz

Touchscreen computers are a fundamental component of production lines in most of today’s manufacturing facilities. This is common across...


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TB-5545-MVS Industrial Box PC - Showing Off

Dec 10, 2021 by Matthew Nadolny

Video Transcript This is the Teguar TB-5545-MVS, a fanless embedded box PC with durable housing made of aluminum and steel. It runs on the 7th...



Product Review of Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS Box PC from RuggedPCReview

Aug 26, 2020 by Teguar Computers

Earlier this year, Teguar announced the launch of our first industrial box PC designed specifically for Machine Vison Systems (MVS). The...


Disassembled Rugged Box PC TB-5545-MVS

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

What is Machine Vision?

May 28, 2020 by Kathryn Armstrong

Machine vision is a simple concept, but a complex technology. Before we had Octa-Core processors, advanced algorithms, or machine learning, people...


Machine vision system spots an error on a product assembly line

Product Announcements

New High Performance Fanless Mini PC with 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake

Feb 03, 2020 by Teguar Computers

Charlotte, NC - Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS is the latest addition to the TB-5545 industrial box PC series. The series features rugged housing...


Industrial machine in a factory that fills water bottles