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Home Knowledge Center New High Performance Fanless Mini PC with 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake

Product Announcements

New High Performance Fanless Mini PC with 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake

Industrial machine in a factory that fills water bottlesCharlotte, NC - Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS is the latest addition to the TB-5545 industrial box PC series. The series features rugged housing made of aluminum and steel, a fanless heatsink cooling system, and the high performance Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU. This series also fits an abundance of IOs and expansion capabilities into a compact form factor.

The TB-5545-MVS has several defining features that set it apart from the rest of the series, including greater expansion capabilities, TPM 2.0 hardware security, convenient IO design, and lower cost. The TB-5545-MVS has 3 expansion options: no expansion, 2x expansion slots, and 4x expansion slots. This makes it highly flexible and able to fit into very specific applications. For example, the TB-5545-MVS can accommodate 4x PoE Outputs or a total of 12x USB 3.0 ports. You can also install an optional expansion card that supports a higher power draw.  

Another important feature of the TB-5545-MVS is TPM 2.0 security. TPM hardware security is more secure than software alone. TPM protects the computer from sophisticated hacking methods, brute force attacks, and physical theft of the computer. In a situation where your computer is collecting crucial data about your business, controlling machinery, or monitoring quality of your product, it is essential to secure your computer to the highest level. Read Teguar’s Technical Article about TPM 2.0 security.

Teguar TB-5545 machine vision system and PCIe optionsThe IOs on the TB-5545-MVS are all conveniently placed on the front of the unit. This gives it an advantage over the other computers in its series, which have GPIO and HDD drive bays on the back. Moving all IOs to the front allows you to mount the computer into an electrical cabinet or against a wall, because you will not need to access the back of the unit or leave room for cables behind it. The TB-5545-MVS also comes standard with DIN rail mounting and has an optional wall mount.

Compared to the other mini PCs in the TB-5545 Series, the TB-5545-MVS comes in at a lower price point. Price can vary on project type and customization options, so contact an account representative to discuss your project and learn about pricing.

They may look similar, at first, but each computer in the TB-5545 Series, the TB-5545-MVSTB-5545, and TB-5545-PCIe. has unique features that benefit different applications. Contact us today to learn more about the differences between these three industrial box PCs.