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Home Knowledge Center Product Review of Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS Box PC from RuggedPCReview


Product Review of Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS Box PC from RuggedPCReview

Earlier this year, Teguar announced the launch of our first industrial box PC designed specifically for Machine Vison Systems (MVS). The TB-5545-MVS runs on the high-performance Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU and fits an abundance of I/Os and expansion capabilities into a compact form factor. These factors, along with its durable chassis, suit the TB-5545-MVS for a wide range of applications including machine vision, edge computing, and quality control.

We sent this unit to RuggedPCReview for their evaluation. Not only do they put the computer to the test, but they also take a look at how it fits into MVS and the industry as a whole.

RuggedPCReview defines MVS as “Combinations of cameras, scanners, computers and software [used to] ‘recognize’ visual data and use it to make instantaneous decisions.” They also point out that the computers used in MVS, which are the heart of every system, “must be rugged, compact and ultra-reliable.”

Teguar’s TB-5545-MVS certainly meets these requirements. RuggedPCReview calls it “remarkably compact for an IPC system this powerful.” It’s durable, too. This PC is constructed with a steel bottom plate and a finned aluminum heat sink atop. It is designed to operate in temperatures from -20° ~ 60°C and it can be mounted almost anywhere, including a DIN rail, control cabinet, wall, or table.

This Box PC is available with an Intel Core i3-7101TE, Core i5-7500T or Core i7-7700T processor. RuggedPCReview compares these three processors, as well as Intel technologies: vPro, TSX-NI, SIPP, and Trusted Execution.

In summary, RuggedPCReview calls the TB-5545-MVS “a meticulously built and highly configurable IPC compact workhorse computer,” which “can easily operate in even the harshest industrial environments.”

For more detail and industry expertise, read the full review on RuggedPCReview.com. View the TB-5545-MVS product specifications and contact Teguar to discuss your project.