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Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Choosing the Right EHR Computer for Your Medical Practice

Jul 28, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Electronic health records (EHR) have quickly become an essential part of medical practice management. As healthcare providers transition from...


ehr computer thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Teguar Medical Computer used in Mobile X-ray System

Apr 15, 2021 by Kathryn Armstrong

Case Story: See how Teguar’s TM-5557-22 All-in-One Medical PC is used with a motorized mobile X-ray machine.


Product Announcements

Teguar’s New Rugged Handheld Computer for Mobile Clinicians | TRH-A5380-05

Feb 12, 2020 by Teguar Computers

Charlotte, NC – Teguar is pleased to announce the launch of the TRH-A5380-05 Handheld Device. This is the first handheld in Teguar’s...


Healthcare professional holds up a medical rugged handheld smart device

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Improving Quality Outcomes Through Medically Certified Computer Hardware

Dec 13, 2018 by Kathryn Armstrong

Often times in the medical field, computer hardware is overlooked. In the case of quality outcomes, overlooking computer hardware can have a...


Medical tools and equipment arranged in a circle