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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Medical Computer used in Mobile X-ray System

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Teguar Medical Computer used in Mobile X-ray System

Teguar computers are used in lots of different extreme environments, from oil rigs to clean rooms. We love seeing our computers in action, particularly in a state-of-the-art medical application such as this one. This Teguar customer uses Teguar’s TM-5557-22 All-in-One Medical Computer with their mobile X-ray machine.

The mobile X-ray system is usually used in emergency departments, operating rooms and hospital wards. In situations when the patient cannot be moved to an X-ray room, this mobile X-ray machine can be brought to the patient.

The most familiar use of X-rays is checking for fractures (broken bones), but X-rays are also used in other ways. For example, chest X-rays can spot pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis and other diseases. This system allows the radiologist to easily move around and provide care right at the patient bedside.

Teguar’s TM-5557-22 was the ideal computer for the job. It has a full-flat waterproof front bezel that you can spray and wipe down for cleanings and it’s fanless, so it won’t push around dust or germs. It has a 22 inch HD touchscreen, so there is no need for a keyboard or mouse, and this PC is slim and light weight, so it glides easily on the VESA arm. Its sleek, slim appearance, combined with its durability and reliability makes the TM-5557-22 great for medical environments.

With Teguar’s 22” All-in-One Medical Computer, this healthcare provider was able to upgrade their system from analog to digital. This solution cost 25% less than a factory-produced full digital system.

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