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Home SCADA Computer

SCADA, an acronym for 'Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition', refers to a system of computer hardware and software that grants remote control access to complete processes or monitor data in another location. A SCADA computer serves as the workstation at which the supervisor can control the rest of the system.

Teguar offers many industrial panel pcs that can be used as a SCADA Computer. View our knowledge center entries below, or reach out to our design consultants today for assistance in assembling a SCADA system.

Teguar Products
tagged with SCADA Computer

Model TP-4010-15

15" Industrial Touchscreen PC

  • 15" XGA Display with 1024 x768 Resolution
  • Bay Trail Celeron J1900 Quad-Core CPU
  • Highly Reliable Thermal Design for 24/7 Use
Model TP-5045-18

18" Industrial Panel PC

  • 18.5" P-Cap or Resistive Touchscreen
  • Intel 6th Gen. Core i3/i5 CPU
  • Optional Sunlight Readable Touchscreen
Model TSP-2945-15

15" Industrial Fanless Panel PC

  • 15" Flat Front Panel Touchscreen
  • Intel Celeron N2930
  • IP66/IP69K Compliant Front Bezel
Model TP-3445-22

22” Panel Mount Computer

  • 21.5” Resistive or Pcap Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake N4200 Quad Core CPU
  • Die-cast Aluminum Housing

Teguar Knowledge Center Posts
tagged with SCADA Computer

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

The Future of Industrial Control: SCADA Systems Paving the Way to Smart Factories

Dec 18, 2023 by Emily Vrettos

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA as it is most referred to as, is a control system architecture comprising computers, networked...


SCADA Systems Blog Thumbnail

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Ideal Applications for Panel Mounted PCs

Feb 09, 2017 by Teguar Computers

Industrial panel mount computers are commonly used in automation and manufacturing to control and communicate with equipment. There are many...


Man uses public touchscreen kiosk at the airport

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Industrial Process Controls: HMI vs Panel PC

Oct 11, 2016 by Teguar Computers

Managing the manufacturing processes of a modern industrial facility is no small task. Facilities must maintain a reliable network of systems...


HMI interface with PLC modules