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Home hospital computer

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Hospital Computers: 4 Critical Features You Need

Aug 09, 2017 by Teguar Computers

Check out Teguar's Hospital Computers  Over the past 30 years, computers have become an integral component to the everyday operation of...


Surgeon in scrubs using a touchscreen medical computer

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

Why Healthcare Facilities are Turning to Bedside Terminals

Apr 26, 2017 by Teguar Computers

For a long time, hospital rooms have been drab, isolating spaces to treat sick or injured patients. Without staying connected to loved ones,...


Nurse consults with patient in hospital bed with a beside terminal nearby

Technical Articles & Industry Trends

The Hidden Dangers of Hospital Stays

Jan 13, 2017 by Teguar Computers

Patients go to hospitals to get well. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases they pick up another infection while they are there, which extends their...


Pediatrician and nurse tend to a child patient

Product Announcements

Fully flat seamless and antimicrobial coated Medical PC

Aug 01, 2012 by Teguar Computers

The revolution in medical computing continues and Teguar is on the leading edge. Teguar leads the way with the T-195. It is designed for integrating...


Medical panel pc showing sonogram on screen