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Home Knowledge Center Fully flat seamless and antimicrobial coated Medical PC

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Fully flat seamless and antimicrobial coated Medical PC

Medical panel pc showing sonogram on screenThe revolution in medical computing continues and Teguar is on the leading edge. Teguar leads the way with the T-195. It is designed for integrating cutting edge computer technology into today’s healthcare environment. With a dual core CPU, 19″ fully flat touch screen and anti-bacterial casing it meets and exceeds the needs of nursing personnel and patients.

Hospitals are now embracing smart, automated medical environments. They not only offer physicians and nurses improved convenience during medical care but also help to meet the different needs of patients. For example, the T-195 medical computer can be connected to the hospital’s HIS system located near patients; caregivers are able to check patient records and prescriptions while keeping their patient under constant supervision. The touch PC also lays the foundation for the full implementation of electronic patient records. The patient can also use the computer to access entertainment options. The convenient touch screen and medical certification means it’s easy and safe for patients to use, enhancing their hospital stay.

The Teguar T-195 Medical Computer is equipped with a dual core Atom D525 1.8G CPU and 19″ fully flat touch screen. The intuitive interface and improved performance shorten the learning curve for users. Teguar’s Medical PCs have been certified for medical use so hospitals are secure knowing that patients won’t be harmed by electromagnetic radiation or run the risk of interference with other electronic equipment. Equipment that potentially affect a patient’s weakened immune system is a major concern of hospitals. This is why Teguar products are not only medically certified but are also designed with an anti-microbial coated casing. The PC+ABS material is mixed-in with a nano anti-bacterial formula that makes the plastic casing bacterial resistant. The anti-bacterial coating is not affected by regular wiping with alcohol and anti-septic. The bacterial resistance exceeds 95% even among antibiotic-resistant golden staph (MSRA).

The T-195 also offers the following features in addition to its anti-bacterial properties:

19″ Touch Screen with Fully Flat Seamless Design

Teguar adopted a fully flat seamless design for the touch screen that sees the most contact. This design eliminates the seams where grime can build up and also reduces potential bacteria after wiping with alcohol. The front of the Teguar T-195 Medical PC is IP54 rated with the entire machine being IPX1 rated. The sealed design means that it can continue to run for extended periods of time with high reliability and durability even in a medical environment with constant wiping and sterilization.

T-195′s Sealed Rear Casing helps to prevent bacterial infection

In addition to the seamless design of the touch screen at the front, Teguar also adopted a sealed design with no vents on the back. The screws are covered with glue for a 100% seal. The completely sealed rear casing is not only water and dust-proof but also reduces bacterial growth and risk of infection among patients.

Teguar’s Unique Fanless Design

Due to the rigorous noise requirements of the medical environment, the T-195 medical computer uses a fanless solution that minimizes noise. The rear features fully flat cooling panels allowing the dual core processor and motherboard to continue running 24 hours a day without crashing because of overheating.

Mini PCI-E slot for easy expansion

Another innovative design on the T-195 is the Mini PCI-E slot. This slot enables connection with an external wireless network card for easy networking. A unique antenna design, with 802.11 a/b/g/n multi-wireless network communication protocol support, enables it to adapt to a WiFi system without interfering with hospital instruments and equipment.

Whole new high brightness and power-saving screen

With regard to the brightness of the LCD, the T-195 Touch Medical Grade PC’s LCD features improved brightness range, up from 300~180 cd/㎡ to 300~50 cd/㎡, with around 10 watts less power consumption. This feature is a remarkable energy-saving achievement.

For more product information or customization requirements, please contact the Teguar Sales Team atsales@teguar.com or visit the website www.teguar.com