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Home Knowledge Center Why Healthcare Facilities are Turning to Bedside Terminals

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Why Healthcare Facilities are Turning to Bedside Terminals

For a long time, hospital rooms have been drab, isolating spaces to treat sick or injured patients. Without staying connected to loved ones, people can quickly fall into melancholy moods or even depression, which slows the healing process. Now, however, we have the internet, telephones, TVs, music, and videos right at our fingertips. With devices like infotainment terminals (a medical all-in-one computer designed to be at the patient’s bedside), keeping in touch with the outside world is easier than ever. More and more hospitals are getting on board, as they see the enormous benefits to adding these computers to their facilities.

For Patients

Nurse consults with patient in hospital bed with a beside terminal nearbyPeople who are staying in hospitals generally are not very happy to be there. They are potentially leaving their job, family, home, and commitments which is highly inconvenient, let alone the fact that they are sick. Bedside terminals take entertainment and bring it to the patient’s room. They are able to watch their favorite shows and movies, Skype, check social media, message with family and friends, and even pay bills or work if their condition allows it. These devices are also used as a self-service system in the hospital, with patients able to access their records, order meals, call nurses, and read up on their treatment plans.

Psychologically, the more upbeat and optimistic a person is, the quicker they will get better. Using an infotainment system, patients feel more in control of their treatment and health. Hospitals are increasingly using reviews and ratings of patients to secure funding. Infotainment terminals can help to increase positive survey results.

For Healthcare Personnel

On the other side, doctors, nurses, and technicians also benefit from having bedside terminals in a patient’s room. No longer do personnel have to memorize or scribble down treatments or descriptions before they are able to get to a computer to record it. This cuts down on a lot of human error if a nurse can check someone, and then immediately access their medical records at the point-of-care.

Bedside terminals can be integrated with healthcare applications, allowing users to input patient records, medications, and images, as well as communicate with each other. They are able to check prescription inventory, order tests, or call for help at the patient’s bedside. All of this adds efficiency to doctors and nurses and allows them to do their jobs better.

Healthcare personnel can also educate patients using the devices. Because hospital stays are shortening, the patient must often continue their care at home on their own. Doctors and nurses can demonstrate procedures, and show X-rays, instructional videos, and more to people who will soon be discharged.

The Hygienic Solution

In healthcare facilities, germs are a huge concern. Too often people enter the hospital for a routine surgery and catch a superbug like MRSA or C. Diff. While these bugs are dangerous, they are completely preventable. Most of Teguar’s medical computers are coated with an antibacterial material to prevent the growth of germs. They are also able to be wiped down with cleansers and water after use, and can be operated with gloves. That is all it takes in most cases to eradicate any pesky bacteria that could be lingering.

In addition, all of Teguar’s patient infotainment terminals are UL/EN 60601 medically certified to ensure they aren’t susceptible to electronic interference, nor will they interfere with another device. This is important in hospitals with many patients connected to equipment or wearing pacemakers and other medical devices in their bodies. If a machine keeping someone alive fails due to electrical interference, the patient could die unnecessarily.

Teguar’s bedside terminals can help patients and health personnel alike. We also have several lines of medical all-in-one computers and medical tablets that provide convenience to healthcare facilities. To learn more information about our medical computer options, contact us.