Waterproof PCs & Monitors

The Teguar waterproof PCs and monitors are designed to be placed in the toughest industrial and commercial work environments. These units are specially designed for 24/7 operation in challenging conditions containing dirt, dust, humidity, water spray, vibrations, harsh chemicals, and cold temperatures. Our waterproof computers and monitors can handle harsh environments that would destroy any normal computer.

Rather than placing a consumer-grade computer into a bulky waterproof enclosure, Teguar has engineered the unit housing itself to serve as the waterproof enclosure. Initially created for food and beverage processing environments in equipment wash down areas, select units can also be placed outdoors or in clean room environments.

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IP & NEMA Waterproof Rated Computers & Monitors

Every Teguar waterproof computer or monitor is rated at an IP65/ NEMA 4 protection. They are intended to function in harsh, dirty conditions and then be washed down at the end of the shift. The IP67 and IP69 rated computers are made to withstand more extreme demands. At the highest level of protection, Teguar’s IP69K computers and monitors can withstand a powerful water jet at 1,450psi (99.97 bar) and a temperature of 176ºF (80ºC). All of Teguar’s waterproof computers and monitors can be sanitized as per cleaning procedures which are frequently needed for FDA regulations and for maintaining a clean room environment.

Designed for Harsh Environments

The most common placement for waterproof PCs and monitors is in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and outdoor placements such as shipping docks or information kiosks. Environments where there is steam, condensation, liquid spray and particles including chemicals, organic matter, grease, and dirt are the intended placement for waterproof computers. Stainless steel units carry a NEMA 4x designation, which indicates a waterproof rating of IP65 with the ability to stand up against harsh chemicals. Industrial-grade components, solid state construction, and fanless cooling system ensure reliable 24/7 operation of the computer in even the harshest working environment.