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Home Knowledge Center This Ruggedized Tablet Proves It: Rugged Doesn’t Have to Mean Bulky

Product Announcements

This Ruggedized Tablet Proves It: Rugged Doesn’t Have to Mean Bulky

Teguar's New TRT-3493 Series

Since 2010, Teguar has launched numerous heavy duty and rugged tablets that can withstand drops, shocks, or whatever else the industrial environment throws their way. Teguar’s new TRT-3493 series has all the elements of a rugged tablet, but with a sleek and lightweight body that makes it easy to carry out into the field. And to provide further versatility, a series of accessories that go along with this tablet allow for optimal mobility and docking capabilities.

Ruggedized tablet front side view

Ease of Design Helps with Mobility

With its light and sleek design, the TRT-3493-12 can be carried with ease. A unique feature of this tablet is that it comes equipped with both a shoulder strap and a hand strap that can be easily attached or removed. It even has ergonomic ridges on the back for an easy grip. These solutions allow for the tablet to be securely carried out into the field, which popular industrial hardware evaluators RuggedPCReview.com also made note of in their independent review of the TRT-3493-12.

Accessories for All Environments

One of the most exciting aspects of the TRT-3493-12 is the lineup of accessories that complement this tablet. The vehicle dock is ideal for stationing your tablet securely in a vehicle, while the desktop dock is great for drop-and-go charging. Both docks have multiple inputs and outputs, including USB 3.0, HDMI 1.3, Giga LAN, a PoweredUSB 24V, and more.

Need to prolong unit uptime by utilizing hot swappable batteries? Ask about our optional TRT-3493-12 with a hot swappable battery on the back and consider including the 2-Bay Battery Charger accessory along with your order, which is capable of charging two batteries at once. Should the battery ever die, this additional accessory ensures that you can swap the battery out without having to power down your tablet or peripherals.

A few of the powerful accessories that can elevate the TRT-3493-12's functionality even higher

High Functionality

Along with being durable and mobile, this tablet also has high-speed processing capabilities thanks to its Intel Apollo Lake Quad-Core CPU. Three programmable buttons on the front make interfacing with the unit simple and easy on the jobsite, with one button set by default as a screen rotation lock. This, along with the provided straps, allows the user to move around comfortably and freely without the display reacting to every movement. Also included for ease-of-use is an NFC tag, allowing the user to authenticate themselves and scan in or out.

Test out a TRT-3493-12 Today

Are you looking for a sleek, on-the-go rugged tablet for your project? If so, we welcome you to contact our sales team to request a demo unit today.

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