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Home Knowledge Center Do Waterproof PCs Work?

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Do Waterproof PCs Work?

Two Teguar waterproof pc panels covered in waterWaterproof is one of those terms that is thrown around loosely. It can refer to anything from a misty splash to a deep-sea dive. The question “do waterproof PCs work” is better answered by starting with answers to a few other questions listed below.

In short, the answer is yes, waterproof PCs do work in the type of environment they are specifically designed for. Use the IP rating that corresponds to the type of waterproof  PC needed.

How do Waterproof PCs Work?

Teguar’s waterproof computers are specifically designed to be protected from water and other liquid contamination. The chassis is equipped with water tight gasketing to prevent ingress of liquids and dust. When stainless steel is used for the chassis, it brings protection from oxidation that would otherwise cause traditional computers to rust over short periods of time. Teguar’s IP66/IP69K rated waterproof computers include M12 connectors in place of traditional connectors for I/O ports such as Ethernet, USB, and COM connections that are necessary for many industrial applications. M12 connectors are the latest industry standard for waterproof computer cables. M12 cables offer locking waterproof connections, so computers in harsh environments can be connected to the local area network and devices such as scales, barcode scanners, and waterproof keyboards while being subject to wash downs and other sanitation procedures.  

How do You Define Waterproof?

Teguar’s waterproof computers are IP66 rated, meaning they are protected from high pressure water jets, and they are also IP69K rated, meaning they are protected from high temperature water jets. These CIP (Clean In Place) waterproof industrial computers can be used in sanitary clean rooms and food manufacturing areas where frequent wash downs are required. They are protected from common disinfecting agents that are used to disinfect manufacturing and clean room areas such as Acetone, Carbitol Acetate, Cellosolve Acetate, Ethanol -Alcohol, Methylene Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Hexane, Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol)/Propanol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Heptane, Turpentine, Vm & P Naptha, and Benzyl alcohol. 

Why are Waterproof PCs Needed?

Waterproof PCs are necessary for industrial computing applications that are exposed to water, cleaning agents, and other liquids. Some of these applications are not only gently exposed to liquids, but they are blasted by high pressure water jets - otherwise known as washdown. Waterproof computers are commonly required for applications with harsh or demanding environments such as:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing Computers
  • Outdoor Computers
  • Clean Room Touchscreen Computers
  • Mining Computers
  • Waste Water Treatment Computers
  • Car Wash Computers

Other Features of Waterproof PCs

Teguar waterproof touchscreen computers include a unique design with a flat front panel. Traditional industrial computers have the touchscreen recessed behind the front panel, which can lead to contamination gathering in unwanted areas. Teguar’s waterproof computer front panel design is flush with the stainless steel enclosure, so there is no ledge with contamination where organic material or other unwanted particulates can gather. This sanitary design is advantageous in any application where FDA computer regulations are administered.  

Teguar offers wide temperature IP66 rated waterproof touchscreen computers for outdoor applications. Many models include options for sunlight readable LCDs and optical bonding. These solutions can survive in the most demanding outdoor environments.