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Home Knowledge Center Revolutionizing Technology in Correctional Facilities: Explore Teguar's Cutting-Edge Solutions at the Corrections Technology Summit


Revolutionizing Technology in Correctional Facilities: Explore Teguar's Cutting-Edge Solutions at the Corrections Technology Summit

If you are a corrections professional looking for the latest technology solutions to improve your operations, you should not miss the Corrections Technology Association (CTA) Annual Technology Summit. This event will bring together experts and peers from various corrections agencies to share best practices, insights, and innovations in corrections technology.

Teguar, a leading manufacturer of rugged computing solutions, is gearing up to attend the Summit. As a company that provides products ideal for correctional facilities, Teguar is excited to showcase their wide range of solutions that are tailored to meet the unique demands of this industry.

Industrial Technology in Correctional Facilities

The TP-3445-16P


Typically, it is hard to install video conferencing kiosks with the challenge of providing power to the kiosk. The challenge lies in confirming to safety requirements, security risks, and other restrictions. Teguar’s Power over Ethernet (POE) enabled panel PCs, such as the TP-3445-16P, make it easier for correctional facilities to install these kiosks.  

With POE technology, the panel PCs can be powered and connected to the network through a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional power outlets or modifications to the facilities. This saves time, reduces installation costs, and simplifies deploying video conferencing. 

The TB-4045


Correctional facilities need to record all phone calls and manage those recordings on a server to ensure safety, provide copies for legal proceedings, and for training. Teguar's box PCs, such as our TB-4045, are ideal for handling VOIP communications. They are rugged and reliable, making them suitable for harsh environments. With the ability to run multiple applications, including voice recording and transcription software, the TB-4045 can handle the demands of managing calls with ease.

The TRT-5380-10


With a built-in barcode scanner, the TRT-5380-10 is perfect for correctional facilities that need to track inventory or manage assets. The tablet is rugged and ideal for harsh environments. It has an IP65 rating, which means it is resistant to water and dust, and it can withstand drops from up to 4 feet. The TRT-5380-10 is also equipped with a sunlight-readable display, making it easy to use both indoors and outdoors. 

The TM-5900-24


For correctional facilities that require telecommunication options for prison hospitals, Teguar offers a unique solution: the TM-5900-24 medical computer. This computer is designed to meet the specific needs of a medical environment while also being rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions. It features a fanless design, which eliminates the risk of dust and other particles entering the system. It also has a fully sealed front bezel, making it easy to clean and maintain a medically sanitary environment. 

With tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of this industry, Teguar is sure to stand out among the rest at the Corrections Technology Summit. From POE-enabled panel PCs to rugged tablets with built-in barcode scanners, Teguar supports correctional facilities and their objective to operate efficiently and securely. Come visit Teguar at Booth 32 and see how our products can support your needs. 

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