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Home Knowledge Center When Do I Need a Waterproof IP65 Rated Computer?

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When Do I Need a Waterproof IP65 Rated Computer?

To be or not to be, that is the question that may come to mind when considering a waterproof industrial computer for your project.

First, a couple of questions should be answered when deciding if a waterproof solution is best for your project. One question is what exactly is a “waterproof” computer? Some of our best selling models at Teguar the TS-4010 and TS-2945 series. These industrial computers are IP66 rated, meaning that the computer is protected from water jets spraying from any direction or temporary flooding.

In addition, the input and output (I/O) connectors are metal with an IP68 rating. This type of computer can live in a “wash down” environment and perform lwithout any issues.

Tradeshow display of a Teguar waterproof touchscreen computer being constantly cascaded by waterThe second question deals with the location of the computer; how will the computer be used and how will it be mounted? This two part question should narrow down the options quickly and help determine if you need a fully waterproof computer.

If the computer will be mounted in an enclosure with just the front of the computer exposed, then I would consider the Industrial Panel PC  series. This computer is IP65 on the touch screen, which is fully flush. The IP65 rating means that a water jet with a 6.3mm nozzle can be used on the front screen without negative impact to the computer. It is important that this panel pc be mounted in an enclosure that can protect the non-waterproof I/Os on the back of the computer.

In terms of the environment or where the computer will be mounted, if the computer is being washed down on a daily basis then I would recommend an IP66 rated computer or greater. It is important to note that these IP66 rated industrial computers are stand alone, meaning that they need to be VESA mounted from the back. Also, if the computer is going to be used in an outdoor environment, I would again recommend an IP66 rated computer. These computers tend to have a wider temperature range to help with the various outdoor conditions. The panel pc with the IP65 rated flush front works perfectly in an environment where it may be dusty and dirty with the occasional need to wash the front of the computer down. They can be used outdoors; however, they will need to be mounted into an enclosure that can withstand the weather elements.

There are more issues to consider regarding an outdoor set up. However,  determining how the computer will be used and where it will be mounted will go a long way towards determining if you need a fully waterproof computer.

About the Authors:

Matt Nadolny is the Marketing Manager for Teguar Computers. Though he has always had an interest in technology, joining the team in 2020 marked the beginning of his pursuit to understand more about the industrial and medical hardware offered at Teguar, which he now researches and writes about with the help of Teguar's Product Management and Sales teams. Outside of Teguar-related topics like the one above, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing games, making music, and getting lost down Internet rabbit holes of niche information.