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Home Knowledge Center Introducing the TA-4840: The Ultimate All-In-One PC for Your Business

Product Announcements

Introducing the TA-4840: The Ultimate All-In-One PC for Your Business

Fanless All in One Series Picutre

Teguar is excited to present the Fanless All in One PC Series, a highly versatile computer series designed to revolutionize your business operations. With its easy maintenance and upgrade capabilities, expansion options, and sleek design, the TA-4840 is the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications, particularly in customer-facing environments like self-service kiosks and point-of-sales (POS) systems.

Flexibility and Functionality

One of the standout features of the TA-4840 is its seamless integration with a variety of add-on modules. With options such as the 3-track MSR Fingerprint Reader, RFID Reader, 2D Barcode Scanner, 5 MP Camera with microphone, and Verifone or Ingenico payment terminals, the TA-4840 offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality. Its full HD displays and responsive PCAP touchscreens ensure a superior user experience, making it an excellent choice for POS and kiosk applications.

The Fanless All-In-One PC Series also offers a wide range of mounting options to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a POS stand, printer stand, floor stand, or VESA mounting hole pattern, the TA-4840 provides endless possibilities for customization. This ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the computer into your existing setup, optimizing space and efficiency.

TA-4840 Mounting Solutions

One more advancement in this series includes its unique combination of a box PC and a display. By featuring a back area on the display that securely holds the box PC in position, the TA-4840 enables hassle-free maintenance and upgrades without the need to replace the LCD.

Celeron Processing with Windows 11 Capabilities

The TA-4840 is powered by a Windows 11 compliant Celeron J6412 Quad-Core CPU, part of the Intel® 10th Generation lineup. This processor delivers a smooth and responsive performance while keeping energy consumption low, making it a cost-effective choice for your industrial application.

This series is specifically built to run the Windows 11 operating system, which offers improved security features, a modernized user interface and enhanced support for touchscreens. With Windows 11, you can trust that the TA-4840 will run smoothly and reliably.

Sleek Design

With a flat front bezel and an IP54 rating, this device proudly offers protection against water splashes and allows for easy cleaning.

The Fanless All-In-One PC series also provides ample connectivity options, including multiple USB ports, COM ports, LAN, and more. This allows users to connect to a wide range of external devices and peripherals to enhance their productivity and functionality.

Test Out a TA-4840 Today!

The TA-4840 is ideal for industrial computing with its versatility, easy maintenance, and outstanding performance.

If you are interested in a TA-4840, contact one of our product specialists for more details by calling +1 800 870 7715 or contacting us online.

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