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Home Knowledge Center Introducing the TMT-Q7C80-10S: The Durable and Reliable Medical Tablet for Healthcare Professionals

Product Announcements

Introducing the TMT-Q7C80-10S: The Durable and Reliable Medical Tablet for Healthcare Professionals

Introducing the TMT-Q7C80-10S, the latest innovation in medical technology from Teguar. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, this tablet is a powerful and versatile tool for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

The Medical Tablet Series is the ideal solution for medical computing needs. It is packed with features like Windows 11, 60601 Medical Certification, and a powerful Qualcomm Octa Core processor. The TM-Q7C80-10S also has numerous accessory options to fit all medical requirements.

10" Medical Tablet TMT-Q7C80-10S Front Angled

Windows 11 Capabilities

The TMT-Q7C80-10S Medical Tablet runs on a powerful Qualcomm SC7180 Octa Core processor, enabling it to handle complex medical applications with ease. This processor provides excellent processing power and graphics performance while also minimizing heat generation and maximizing battery life. This is one of the leading reasons why this tablet boasts a 10-hour battery life.

This specific processor allows the 10” Medical Tablet to run Windows 11 operating system smoothly. Because of Windows 11, this unit benefits from improved security features, such as built-in malware protections and enhanced data encryption. This ensures that patient data remains secure and private, meeting the needs of HIPAA regulations.

Medical Tablet TMT-Q7C80-10S

60601 Medically Compliant

With the TMT-Q7C80-10S, Teguar has taken great care to ensure that this device meets the highest standards of safety and reliability for medical use. This tablet complies with the 60601 standard, which ensures it has undergone rigorous testing to meet the strict requirements for electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and other factors that are critical in medical settings.

Additionally, this tablet is equipped with a USB Type C PD medical power supply to ensure safety and reliability in medical settings.

Accessory Add-Ons

Teguar also offers many accessory options for the TMT-Q7C80-10S. These include a dock, magnetic keyboard, and a 2D barcode scanner. The tablet’s gold-plated pogo pins also allow for future expansion capabilities when required.

A black color option is also available upon request.

Test out a TMT-Q7C80-10S Today!

This 10” Medical Tablet is a powerful and versatile tool that is specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. With its powerful processor, long battery life, and a wide range of connectivity options, it is the perfect choice for healthcare facilities looking to improve their patient care and streamline their options.

If you are interested in the TMT-Q7C80-10S, contact one of our product specialists for more details by calling (800) 870-7715 or contacting us online.

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