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Home Knowledge Center Industrial Computers: Satisfying Specialized Needs Across Industries

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Industrial Computers: Satisfying Specialized Needs Across Industries

Gloved hand touching an industrial touchscreen computer in a manufacturing facilityDespite our fear of a robotic apocalypse, we humans are still not showing any signs to slow the creation and innovation of machines. It will always be a continuous drive to develop machines that help us ease our tasks in tough environments. This is where industrial computers enter the scene. Industrial computers are used for various industrial and manufacturing applications. As the world’s computing needs swell, so will the demand and requirements of industrial computers. So, it is not surprising that the global tech market industry is projected to grow 6.3% in 2016.

Why Do We Need Industrial Computers?

As opposed to their commercial counterparts, used at homes or offices, industrial PCs are rugged, long-lasting and built to run non-stop for years. The increasing adoption of the latest automation solutions has led to the generation of a huge amount of data that needs to be managed effectively. As anyone in, say the pharmaceutical industry can tell you, their computing needs will not be the same of someone in military or oil & gas sectors, and vice versa.

Each industry has unique specifications for their processes and data input/management. Configurable industrial computers are needed to fit right in with existing infrastructures and integrate effortlessly with the set systems. A custom-built computer takes into account a customer’s specific needs to increase productivity and ensure better, faster, and more reliable performance.

Teguar’s Industrial Computers

With a rich legacy of technological leadership and experience, Teguar’s industrial computers are all: ‘low on maintenance and high on productivity’.

Sample of options offered by Teguar Computers:

  • Dust and waterproof IP ratings up to IP69K.
  • C1D2 explosion-proof hazardous area certifications.
  • Screens readable even in full sunlight.
  • Fanless operating with heatsink.
  • Rugged bodies with high vibration and drop resistance.
  • A variety of input/output connections.
  • All products follow the Intel Embedded Roadmap.
  • Touchscreens as small as 7” and as large as 32”.

Teguar builds industrial PCs that stand the test of time and perform optimally in any application. Unlike commercial grade computers, Teguar’s industrial computers have no problem handling tough environments containing dust, grime, grease, high temperatures, low temperatures, and spraying water. Teguar computers are essential for any facility looking to upgrade their industrial technology.

For more information on specific products, visit our industrial computers or waterproof computers page, or give us a call at: 1-800-870-7715