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Home Knowledge Center When Do You Need a Fanless Industrial PC? 

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When Do You Need a Fanless Industrial PC? 

Anyone who has been tasked with buying a computer for an industrial environment has likely asked this question: “Do I really need a fanless PC?” It's a reasonable question, after all—fanless computers are a bit harder to come by than your average Dell or Raspberry Pi solution, and they can often be more expensive as well. This leads engineers and purchasing agents to frequently bring up the fan question when buying computers for their project, plant, or production line.

There's a chance that your computer doesn't need to be fanless. And wouldn't that be great! But before making that decision, there are some questions you may want to ask yourself about your project or the environment in which they will be utilized first. If the answer is yes to any of the questions below, we can safely recommend that you invest an industrial fanless pc.

Are you planning to install the computer into a dusty or moist environment?

Have you ever changed an air filter in your home? Imagine if you did not change an air filter for several years and instead of specialized material to catch dust and debris, the entire inside of the computer had a thick layer of dust on it. This is what the inside of computers with fans usually look like. Any particulates that are floating or flying through the air will end up in your computer. If there are microbes and moisture, then you can even have a petri dish-like growth of bacteria inside your computer. This can be unsanitary, spread sickness and contribute to lost days at work. The bigger issue is that over time it can make employees sick and contaminate products.

Does noise level matter at all?

This question is admittedly less likely to ring true for most industrial environments, but it is an attractive notion for applications in smaller spaces.

Do a quick Google search about computer noise and you will find pages of articles. Some people are even suing crypto farm owners about it. Any noise adds to the total amount of decibels heard at once. In manufacturing plants and warehouses there is already so much noise that it might seem inconsequential to take computer fans out of the equation, but it all adds up. Eliminating noise from computers may not seem like a high priority, but trust us—your end users will thank you.

Are you prepared to replace your computer when it stops working?

There is one thing an industrial computer purchaser wants more than a low-cost solution, and that is a working solution. Because of the continual movement of the fan and the intake of dust and debris, fans are often the first component to fail in a demanding environment. If a fan fails, then a resulting cascading failure can take place. The internal computer components can then heat up to a point where the electrical circuitry fails and even melts. At that point, your best option is to replace the entire computer.  

The choice is clear for industrial computer buyers. Buy an industrial fanless computer once or, buy a computer with a fan several times and take the time to continually replace your computers.

Fortunately, there are lots of fanless panel PC options available that are both affordable and long-lasting, ensuring you won't need to replace any hardware for years and years. Call our knowledgeable product specialist team with more questions about industrial fanless pc operation for a free consultation. We promise you'll be a "fan!"

Reach Out to the Fanless Computer Experts

Reach Out to the Fanless Computer Experts

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