Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PC Computers by Teguar are made to work where you work, when you work and how you work. Our Industrial Panel Computers are made to fit your project specific needs. This means we account for demanding conditions in places where your computer hardware resources are deployed. We manufacture a wide variety of industrial computer solutions in order to ensure optimal performance based on deployment objectives. As new technology arrives, we consistently update our CPUs and all other internal hardware to make sure our customers continually get the best performance. We listen to our customers and respond to their input with advances and design changes in our product evolution.

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Industrial Grade Internal Components with Fanless Design

Teguar industrial computers are designed and constructed with durable industrial grade computer components to provide you with long product life. This means we work to make our boards cleaner, arrange and insulate our wires better, use higher quality solders and adhesives that are more resistant to heat and aging, and use overall materials that are able to withstand non-stop use for years on end. Most of our computers are made with a fanless heatsink design so the internal components are protected from particle intake while dissipating heat.

Placement Wherever You Want

Teguar Industrial Panel PC Computers come with a variety of enclosure designs so that they can be easily integrated into your facilities and operations. Having a computer working in real time where the work is done saves valuable hours and streamlines operations. Currently our industrial panel pcs are integrated into manufacturing lines, on machine arms, used as HMIs, placed in kiosks, in walls, on vehicles, on movable carts, or integrated into workstations in dirty, dusty working conditions. If you can imagine it, we most likely can place an industrial computer there.

Designed to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Every Teguar computer has an IP rating either on the front bezel or for the whole enclosure. Along with IP/NEMA ratings; the temperature range, aluminum housings, optional SSD or anti-vibration kit, and fanless solutions are designed so that the computer will perform well regardless of exposure to water, dust, oil, temperature, and vibration.

Made to Run with Your Choice of Operating Systems

Teguar specializes in providing Windows based industrial panel PCs. Windows Embedded, Windows Professional, Windows RT and the latest updates of these Windows operating systems are all available on our computers. We also offer Linux, and POS ready systems.

All-In-One Touch Screen Design

Teguar believes that aesthetics are important. We start with good looking bezels with resistive or capacitive touch screens. Screen options such as high resolution, LCD lit panels, TFT panels, CCFL backlight, high brightness, wide viewing angle, and lifetime usage of over 100 million touches are all designed to fit how and where you interact with the industrial panel PC. Sizes range from 7” to 24” inch screens with display square display ratios at 5:4 and 4:3 or widescreen displays at a 16:9 ratio.

Specialized for Your Application

Specific Panel PC configurations work best for targeted applications. For instance, if you have a computer next to a heat producing industrial grade oven, you will most likely need an industrial panel computer with a specialized wide temperature range. If you have a computer in an automotive assembly line where vibration and shock occur, you may need a solid state drive. Our sales team is experienced in consulting on these types of projects: Automation Systems Integration, Intelligent Building, Discrete and Process Manufacturing, HMI Interfaces, Intelligent Transportation, Machine Automation, OEM Manufacturing, Clean Room Applications, and many more. We provide free consultation on product choice to fit your projects. Call or email us today, we walk with you.