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Home Knowledge Center A Leap Forward for Waterproof Computers

Product Announcements

A Leap Forward for Waterproof Computers

Two Intel CPU chips and a wet Teguar TS-3010 series waterproof monitor
Teguar Unveils a Thin, Brilliant New Design of Waterproof Computers for Use with Formidable Programs.

Charlotte, NC - The new TS-3010 Stainless Steel PC is a leap forward in design for industrial waterproof computers. The time lag between technological advances in the industrial computing market and the consumer computer market is shortening. Teguar has engineered advancement in hardware that is adept for running increasingly demanding programs in the dirtiest of locations and has decided to give it a clean, sleek aesthetic.

The most noticeable advancement is the svelte brilliant fully sealed enclosure. The 19” waterproof computer has a maximum thickness of 64mm which is made from high strength anti-corrosion stainless steel. The IP65 / NEMA 4X housing is fully flush with the LED backlit resistive touch screen. The screen is made to be used with any type of glove. Having the flat screen is definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but it is also functional as there is less area for debris and unwanted bacteria to accumulate. It also provides a more enjoyable ergonomic experience for the user. 

With previous waterproof computer designs, some facilities have had issues with input and outputs being sheared off through the wear and tear of regular contact and vibration from other machinery parts.  This problem has been eliminated. The ingenuity of the i/os being tucked under the outer lip of the enclosure provides protection for the i/os as well as gives a valuable gain in space configuration for cord and connection management. The actual connectors have been newly designed as well. Stainless steel is used in the M12 metal IP rated connectors.

Processing power leaps have been created through the installation of the 3rd generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs which are used with the fanless stainless steel thin design. A special thermal design was created to manage heat output as well as moisture for which anti-condensation architecture is used. Bryce Keeny, a hardware technician at Teguar Computers, explains that “The internal design improvement of the TS-3010 allow it to dissipate heat more efficiently. This results in the computer not getting hot to the touch and maintaining a cooler temperature inside.  With sealed computers, a cooler temperature results in a longer lifespan of components.”  With processing power that has up to 8GB RAM the TS-3010 can be used to run multiple high data programs at once. Applications such as real-time, on-location, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software for ERP systems are an ideal pairing for the TS-3010.

All of the most popular elements of general industrial computers are now included in the TS-3010-15 and the TS-3010-19 waterproof designs.   Features not previously mentioned include: An optional Mini-PCIe WLAN with an external antenna, two USB ports, 2 COM ports, and a 2.5 SATA HDD drive with an anti-vibration kit. Electrical certifications include FCC, CE, and VCCI Class B. Other options include a high brightness screen and multiple VESA mount capabilities.

For more information on our TS-3010 series or other Teguar Waterproof Computers contact Teguar sales team at Sales@teguar.com, call 1 800 970 7715.