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Home Knowledge Center A Crescendo of Total Patient Care

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A Crescendo of Total Patient Care

Medical Caduceus next to two Teguar TP-3040-15M medical panel pcs
Teguar has updated the TP-3040-15M Medical Computer to meet more demanding  Medical Certifications so every aspect of interaction will be covered.

Charlotte, NC - For persons working in a medical field or working in relation to medical device development it may be of interest that  there  has been a series of new possibilities created through the Teguar TP-3040-15M fully medically certified computer. Recently the TP-3040-15M has undergone a redesign and rigorous testing to meet the demanding UL/EN Medical Certifications. Also included in the certifications are: LVD, CE/FCC Class B, and LVD.

The abundant amount of certifications listed means that a product is certified according to industry standards, will function well, and will be “healthy” to the patient. As doctors have sworn, so must medical devices meet the standards to “do no harm”. Every detail of healthcare is paramount to patient care. Medical devices are no exception.

Often bacteria and viruses can build up in cracks and crevices or surfaces of frequently touched places in a medical environment. As a general populous, we are now accustom to using touch screens and it is thought that every caution needs to be taken to ensure that medical touch screen computers “do no harm.” One way this is accomplished is through a true flat screen computer with an anti-bacterial enclosure. The TP-3040-15M has the anti-microbial enclosure so it is highly resistant to MRSA which can easily undermine the healing process. Choosing Medical Devices with an antibacterial enclosure along with a true flat screen keeps organic matter from settling into the crevices. The patient is further protected through ensuring electrical safety when interacting with other devices and human electrical sensitivities. These kinds of details will be a crescendo of total care given.

In addition to wanting the medical computers to run advanced software around the clock, companies are demanding computers that meet and go beyond hospital equipment standards. With new medical breakthroughs continuing to appear on the horizon, technology is merging with medical sciences. Hardware is needed to keep up with these advances. The TP-3040-15M design is a progressive design made to last through changes in software and device connectivity. The multiple inputs and up to a Core/i7 processor exceed what is generally needed and allow a buyer to plan for expanded use.

Some of the contexts that Teguar TP-3040-15M is involved in: interfaces for monitoring machines, sonogram cancer screenings, medical cart use, and as check in/check out stations at hospitals. Teguar Medical computers can be used to aid in diagnosis, in addition to having the advantage of being able to be placed in a clinical setting where the end user is a patient.

Contact sales@teguar.com for further information or visit the TP-3040-15M product page.