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Home Knowledge Center Medical Panel PC Series with Updated Processor

Product Announcements

Medical Panel PC Series with Updated Processor

Teguar TM-3110-19 medical panel pcCharlotte, NC - Teguar has launched an updated medical PC series, the TM-3110 series. These fanless computers build upon the TM-3010 series with an updated CPU, the Intel Broadwell dual core i5/i7 for more powerful processing. An upgrade to the higher performance quad core i5/i7 processor is also available. These units come in 19” (5:4 display ratio) and 21.5” (16:9 display ratio) for exceptional medical imaging capabilities and are ideal for placement in healthcare labs, operating rooms, and other treatment areas.

The TM-3110 series has an enclosure with antibacterial properties to restrict the spread of harmful superbugs, like MRSA, and has an IP65 rated bezel that can be wiped down and sanitized regularly with disinfectants. They are also UL/EN 60601 certified, meaning the devices will not interfere with electronic equipment or be interfered with by other electronic equipment. This is crucial in the healthcare environment where patient wellbeing may depend on the proper operation of medical devices.

Teguar TM-3110-22 medical panel pcWiFi and Bluetooth are both additional features that add wireless capability to the medical units. An optional TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module) can be added to the PC so that patient data is encrypted for added security. The TM-3110 series also complies with the requirements of Energy Star 6.1, which ensures the computers use less energy than other comparable products, saving you money.

These medical panel PCs are the perfect option in any healthcare environment, adding security, powerful processing abilities, and efficiency to your facility. With large touchscreens and the ability to wipe them down safely, these medical computers make work more convenient and hygienic for patients and personnel.

Teguar has a variety of medical all-in-one computers available that can meet any need. Contact us to learn more about the TM-3110 series, or one of our other medical options.