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Android Isn’t Just for Your Mobile Device

When many people think of Android, they think of smart phones. It is very rare to think of it being used for business or in the industrial space. But as more organizations are needing flexibility in their industrial operations, more and more are turning to panel PCs that have Android operating systems. Just as panel PCs have enormous flexibility when it comes to their integration, so too does the Android platform when it comes to app development.


Industrial computer running on Android OS operating an automatic lathe machineFor companies with unique requirements, app development is an enormous benefit. Organizations are able to decide which applications are most important to them and update their devices accordingly. Android is also a great system to develop your own apps. For machinery or equipment that needs a specific program run, an Android panel PC would be ideal to operate those processes.

Energy Efficient

Android uses fewer system resources than most other operating systems so it requires a less powerful processor to operate. This saves on energy and allows Android to be run on smaller devices. Therefore, if your application was simple and you only needed to run one or a few programs, you would spend less getting a panel PC with less computing power that gets the job done just the same.

Cost Effective

The Android OS is free, and devices running the system have the potential to be cheaper, depending on your application and how you are using it. Since units operating on Android are also generally smaller with less demanding computing requirements, you can save money on that end as well.

Android Panel PC Solutions

Teguar’s Android panel PCs are made with industrial-grade internal components and motherboards. This means that your computer will last longer than a consumer-grade PC. Our panel PCs are also fanless, which allows the computer to run 24/7 for years at a time without failure. They have a special mounting frame which allows the panel PCs to be easily integrated into machinery, equipment, or walls.

If you are interested in a panel PC with increased customization capabilities, Android would be a great fit. Contact Teguar to learn more about our available options and what is best for your application.