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Rugged Tablet PCs 

Rugged tablet PCs have emerged as the backbone of various industries that demand durability and performance in challenging environments. As a leader in the rugged computing sphere, Teguar specializes in delivering high-end tablets that can withstand the harshest conditions while meeting the need for technological agility. Whether it is the e-commerce executive managing inventory in a warehouse or the paramedic at the scene of an accident, Teguar tablets offer the right balance of power and ruggedness. Here are some highlights from Teguar's impressive lineup: 

Model TRT-5380-10

10" Heavy Duty Tablet

  • 10.1" Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Jasper Lake Quad-Core CPU
  • Wi-Fi , Bluetooth, GPS, and optional NFC
Model TRT-4380-10

10" Rugged Tablet

  • 10.1" Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Quad Core Z8350 CPU
  • Optional Barcode Scanner
Model TRT-7080-10

10" Rugged Tablet Docking Station

  • 10” Full HD Touchscreen Display
  • 12th Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Processor
  • M.2 SSD Accessible Storage
Model TRT-5180-10

10" Rugged Tablet PC

  • 10.1" Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Kabylake or Skylake Dual Core CPU
  • IP65 Water, Dirt and Dust Protection
Model TRT-A5380-10

10" Rugged Tablet with Android

  • 10" Projective Capacitive Touchscreen
  • 1.4Ghz ARM Cortex Quad Core CPU
  • Android 8.1 Operating System
Model TRT-Q5380-10

10” Industrial Tablet PC

  • 10” Pcap Touchscreen
  • Qualcomm MSM8953 Octacore Processor
  • Android 10 GMS Certified Operating System
Model TRT-5380-12

12" Heavy Duty Tablet

  • 12.2" LCD Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Jasper Lake Quad-Core CPU
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and optional NFC
Model TRT-7080-12

12" Rugged Tablet Docking Station

  • 12.1” Full HD Touchscreen Display
  • 12th Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Processor
  • Windows 11 Capability
Model TRT-5180-12

12" Rugged Tablet PC

  • 12.2" LCD Gorilla Glass Touchscreen
  • Intel Kabylake or Skylake Dual Core CPU
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
Model TRT-3493-12

12" Ruggedized Tablet

  • Intel Apollo Lake Quad-Core CPU
  • NFC reader for RFID
  • Weighs less than 2lbs (.9kg), the lightest rugged tablet in its class
Model TRT-5280-12

12” Industrial Tablet PC

  • 12.2” 16:10 FHD IPS Display
  • Intel Core i7 CPU with DDR4L RAM
  • Hot Swappable Battery
Model TRH-A5380-05 V2

5" Rugged Handheld

  • 5" Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU 2.0 GHz
  • GMS Certified for Android 11

Choosing the Right Rugged Tablet PC for Your Needs

Purchasing a rugged tablet pc is a significant investment, and selecting the appropriate device to match your industry and use case is critical. When choosing a rugged tablet, consider these important factors: 

  • Environmental Suitability: Assess the environmental conditions the tablet will face. Is the primary concern water resistance, dustproofing, or the ability to handle extreme temperatures and shock? Ensure the tablet meets the necessary industry standards for durability. 
  • Processing Power: Select a tablet with a processing capability that matches the complexity of the tasks you need to perform. More power-intensive applications will require a faster processor and more memory. 
12 Inch Rugged Tablet Docking Station-TRT-7080-12  Front With Dock
  • Operating Systems: Choose an operating system that not only you or your team are familiar with but also supports the software needed for your specific tasks. Android and Windows are the most common choices for rugged tablets. 
  • Connectivity: Consider the connectivity options required for your workflows. Do you need 4G or 5G capability for remote work, or is a strong WiFi connection sufficient? Also, look for additional features like a high-resolution camera or RFID reader if necessary. 
  • Ergonomics and Usability: A tablet that is comfortable to use for extended periods, with a display and input method that match your needs, will lead to better productivity and user satisfaction. 

It is impossible to understate the value of a rugged tablet in environments where mainstream devices would quickly fail. For more personalized advice on rugged tablets and to explore a comprehensive selection of Teguar's products, visit our website or contact us online.  

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