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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Announces Rugged Box PC with Serious GPU Capabilities

Product Announcements

Teguar Announces Rugged Box PC with Serious GPU Capabilities

Teguar's new TB-5745-PCIe poses for a glamour shot

The TB-5745 fills a new niche within Teguar's line of industrial computer offerings, one that was previously vacant. High performance computers have always been a part of Teguar's offerings, like the TM-5900-24, or the TA-5940 series. Even high performance box PCs like the TB-5545-PCIe have been represented in Teguar's product offerings. So what makes the TB-5745-PCIe so special?

Coming equipped with an Intel Core I series CPU is very nearly a given when it comes to Teguar's high performance rugged box PCs, as most of the more current models do. But the TB-5745-PCIe marks the first rugged box PC offered by Teguar to be compatible with a Xeon E-2278GEL or E-2278GE processor.

In addition to the ability to support some pretty beefy processors, the TB-5745-PCIe is also capable of powering some seriously intense GPUs. The increased size of the unit allows for the installation of multiple consumer-grade graphics cards, as well as the fans needed to keep them cool. In fact, feel free to pick out any graphics card with a PCIe 4.0 x16 interface with the confidence that it will run great and fit comfortably inside of the TB-5745.

Box PC fan/ventilation options
The TB-5745 offers plenty of ventilation windows for extra fans, to be used as needed.

Customization is Key

Teguar's new PCI Express 4.0 x16 GPU box PC is impressive in its capabilities, but its greatest feature may just be its highly customizable nature. This versatile rugged box PC can be an edge computing beast with an Intel i7 core, extra fans, and one of the best graphics cards money can buy. It can be a sealed, fanless box pc in a dusty warehouse running simple programs with ease. Or maybe it could be something we haven't even imagined yet!

The possibilities afforded by the TB-5745-PCIe are quite literally endless. For more about what this rugged box PC can do, reach out to our product experts or request a consultation with one of our design specialists below.

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About the Authors:

Matt Nadolny is the Marketing Manager for Teguar Computers. Though he has always had an interest in technology, joining the team in 2020 marked the beginning of his pursuit to understand more about the industrial and medical hardware offered at Teguar, which he now researches and writes about with the help of Teguar's Product Management and Sales teams. Outside of Teguar-related topics like the one above, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing games, making music, and getting lost down Internet rabbit holes of niche information.