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Home Knowledge Center Waterproof Computers now available with Intel Apollo Lake CPU

Product Announcements

Waterproof Computers now available with Intel Apollo Lake CPU

Introducing Teguar’s TS-4510 Series of Stainless Steel Computers

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Intel Apollo Lake J3455

The TS-4510 Series is a CPU update to our TS-4010 Series. The new series runs on an Intel Apollo Lake J3455 processor. This newer CPU brings double the performance to Teguar’s line up of Celeron Stainless Steel units.  The Intel J3455 scores 2200 on Passmark, whereas the CPU in our TS-4010s scored 1100 (See more info on cpubenchmark.net).  This jump in performance allows more of our customers to utilize the Celeron platform, instead of jumping to our TS-5010 Series, which is our high performance Intel Core i series lineup.

Stainless Steel Housing

The TS-4510 Series has the same housing as our TS-4010 and TS-5010 Series. Keeping the housing the same simplifies the process, when you’re ready to upgrade or replace your computer hardware. Our TS-4510 Series is fully waterproof and rated IP66 / IP69K, so it can handle high-temperature, high-pressure waterjets from all angles (and submersion in water with the IP67 option). These computers have durable M12 connectors made with high strength alloy metal. The cables screw into the computer to completely seal out water. You don’t need to unplug or cover the computer, when you wash down your environment.

These computers are built with SUS304 stainless steel, which is resistant to bacterial growth and oxidization through alkali, acid, or water corrosion. You can also choose SUS316L stainless steel, if the computer will be exposed to salt water. Teguar waterproof computers have thicker, more durable bezels than the competition, so our units can handle dings and dents without compromising structural integrity of the unit or the waterproof seal.

Touchscreen and Front Bezel

The TS-4510 Series is available in three screen sizes: 15”, 19” and 21.5”. You can choose a 5-wire resistive touch screen, preferred by many food and beverage manufacturers, as it works with gloves and other objects. Or choose a projected capacitive touch screen, which is found on most smartphones and provides a smooth and reactive multi-point touch.

The TS-4510 Series can also accommodate a high bright, 1000 nit LCD with auto-dimming and optical bonding. This allows users to easily read information off the screen, even at outdoor computer stations or next to bright work lights. The front bezels of these units are full-flat, meaning there are no crevices where dust, particles and bacteria can buildup, which is essential for maintaining a clean facility or clean room.


The slim design and downward facing I/O ports allow for flush mounting to walls and will not intrude into operator space.  Downward I/Os also serve to protect the M12 I/O ports from damage, as they are less likely to get hit during the workflow of a production floor.  I/O flexibility is built in, with 5x M12 connectors able to be configured for your I/O needs. The standard I/O configuration is shown below.

Waterproof Computer with Labeled Inputs and Outputs

Longevity and Support

Teguar has years of experience in food processing and other wash-down applications. We have enhanced the design of our waterproof PCs over the years, to better handle the stresses of the field. One example of this is our smart antenna design.

A common point of failure on our previous gen waterproof units was the traditional antennae, which could break and lead to water ingress. Teguar’s solution is a sleek antenna (only half an inch tall), with angled corners to deflect any damage. The antennas also have a robust seal to prevent any leaks.

Another advantage of Teguar Waterproof PCs is the stainless steel bezel that surrounds the touchscreen. This protects the unit from side impact better than competition that has glass all the way to corners.

These computers are designed from the ground up to handle food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and repeated cleanings. They’re are built to run 24/7, for years on end and they will stand up to the abuses of the field for 5+ years.

Teguar is committed to selling and supporting the TS-4510 Series until 2029.

Model TS-4510-15

15” IP69K Computer

  • 15” Waterproof Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Celeron CPU
  • Highly Durable Stainless Steel Bezel
Model TS-4510-19

19” Sealed Computer

  • 19” Full-Flat Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Celeron CPU
  • IP66 / IP69K and Optional IP67
Model TS-4510-22

22” IP66 Computer

  • 21.5” Resistive or Pcap Touchscreen
  • Intel Apollo Lake J3455 Processor
  • Widescreen 1920 x 1080 HD Display