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Home Knowledge Center Seamless Power, Streamlined Care: Introducing the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series

Product Announcements

Seamless Power, Streamlined Care: Introducing the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series

Battery Powered Medical Computer with 3 Host Swappable Batteries

Teguar is thrilled to introduce the groundbreaking Battery Powered Medical Computer Series – an innovative leap forward in healthcare technology designed for the real-world challenges faced by medical professionals.

This series not only offers advanced features but also caters to the rigorous demands of medical environments with reliability and adaptability at its core. Let us discuss what makes these computers a game-changer in medical settings.

Introducing a New Level of Convenience and Performance

At the heart of the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series is a dedication to convenience. With 3-bay hot-swappable batteries, these computers are engineered to keep up with the non-stop pace of medical workplaces. Long gone are the days of your workflows being interrupted by power downtimes.

For performance you can rely on, each computer is powered by an 11th Gen Core i Intel Processor, offering unmatched processing power to handle modern medical needs. The series runs on Windows 11 – not only offering the latest in operating system innovation but providing a user-friendly and familiar interface to optimize your productivity.

Harnessing The Power of AI

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, the Battery Powered Medical Computer Series stands out with Hailo AI Accelerator compatibility. This powerful feature allows for unprecedented advancement in computational capabilities within the medical field, offering new potentials in patient care and data analysis.

A Closer Look at the Key Features

The series shines with a host of features tailored to support demanding healthcare environments:

  • 21.5” Flush Front HD Display with PCAP Touch: Offering crystal-clear visuals for intricate medical applications and easy-to-sanitize surfaces for maintaining hygiene.
  • 3-Bay Hot Swappable Batteries: Guaranteeing continuous system operations during shift changes and in critical clinical situations where every second count.
  • Power Output for PTZ Cameras: This facilitates an enriched medical imaging experience and fosters effective communication channels within healthcare facilities.
22" Battery Powered Medical Computer TME-5940-22 Front Angle

Moreover, the inclusion of WiFi 6 and Bluetooth ensures that these computers offer formidable connectivity. This optimizes data transfer and allows medical personnel to maintain efficient communications, orchestrating a more coordinated health service delivery.

A New Standard in Medical Computing

The Battery Powered Medical Computer Series represents more than an evolution – it is a revolution for medical computing. As specialists in creating tech solutions for the healthcare industry, this series exemplifies our commitment to delivering robust, reliable, and advanced computing options.

Interested in learning more? Contact us today and take the first step towards upgrading your medical technology infrastructure.

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