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Home Knowledge Center Open Frame Panel PC - What is it?

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Open Frame Panel PC - What is it?

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The first step in purchasing a panel PC involves precise identification of its intended location and the environmental conditions it will encounter.

Factors such as exposure to dust and liquids should be considered, along with the specific mounting requirements. While a panel mount is suitable for many scenarios, certain industries may cause the use of an open frame panel mount.

This article explains when and why it is important to choose an open frame panel PC.

What is an Open Frame Panel PC?

An open frame panel PC is a specialized computing device designed for embedding into various machinery, interactive kiosks, industrial equipment, or even custom enclosures.

The "open frame" term refers to the barebone structure of the device, which does not come in a standard closed case like most computers. Instead, this device is built with mounting brackets for seamless integration into other systems.

Understanding the Mechanics of Panel PC

open frame panel pc diagram

At its core, a panel PC is a compact, all-in-one computer system that combines a touch screen interface and a full computer into a single, compact unit.

By embedding this device into a larger system, operators can input commands and monitor activities directly on the panel. This technology is especially beneficial in industrial settings, where the traditional keyboard or mouse input might not be practical.

The Advantages

One of the primary benefits of an open frame panel PC is their flexibility. The open-frame design allows for customization, fitting seamlessly into existing systems or machinery. Whether it is for a medical device, an industrial system, or a commercial kiosk, the open frame design ensures that the Panel PC can be adapted to a wide range of applications.

Teguar's Approach to Open Frame Panel PC

Teguar has a wide variety of panel PCs to choose from, including those that are comparable with open frame mounting. These devices are designed with industrial-grade components to ensure reliable, continuous operation even in challenging environments.

With an emphasis on durability, functionality, and customizability, Teguar's Open Frame Panel PCs are second to none.

Applications of Open Frame Panel PC

Open Frame Panel PCs are used in a wide range of industries and applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial automation and control systems
  • Medical equipment and healthcare devices
  • Interactive kiosks for retail or information access
  • Gaming machines and casino equipment
  • Digital signage and advertising displays

With their compact design, rugged build, and customizable features, Open Frame Panel PCs are perfect for any application needing a robust, touch screen interface and powerful computing capabilities.

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Q: What is an Open Frame Panel PC?

A: An Open Frame Panel PC is a computer that is designed to be embedded into other machines or custom enclosures. It combines a touch screen interface and a full computer into a single unit.

Q: What are the applications of Open Frame Panel PCs?

A: These PCs can be used in a variety of settings, including industrial machinery, medical devices, commercial kiosks, and more.

Q: Why choose Teguar's Open Frame Panel PCs?

A: Teguar's Panel PCs are designed with industrial-grade components for reliable operation, even in challenging environments. Moreover, our devices can be customized to perfectly fit your specific requirements.

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