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Home Industrial Touchscreen PCs with Celeron Processors

Teguar offers a wide range of Industrial Touchscreen PCs. Designed with the utmost durability and performance, our wide range of computers specifically designed for industrial applications come in numerous form factors, screen sizes, and configurations. One of our most popular requests is our Industrial Touchscreen Celeron PCs.

Celeron refers to the Intel central processing unit in the computer. Industrial Touchscreen Celeron PCs are desirable because they offer industrial components with still a simple CPU. These computers are ideal for simple industrial tasks like scanning and processing.

All in Ones, Panel PCs, Medical, and More

No matter the project, Teguar has a Celeron solution for you. In addition to Industrial Touchscreen Celeron PCs, we also offer medical, panel, and all in one PCs.

  • TM-5957-22i
  • TP-4840
  • TM-5040
  • TP-2945
  • TSP-2945
  • TS-4510
  • TSC-4010